MI-3 is not likely to flip to Democrats, so having Peter Meijer, who did not think the election was stolen in the seat is better than the reactionary who will replace him.

But that's not the most interesting part of this profile of Meijer, who lost his primary last night.

At the end, the writer describes how, late on January 6th, Meijer was talking to a shaken colleague in the Capitol. The unnamed Republican knew Biden's election was legitimate, but voted not to certify it because he was afraid of the insurrectionists.

The Republican Party is full of cowards who should never be allowed to be in charge of anything. They are doing their best to chase out the ten people unafraid of TFG, and keeping around people who would rather live under mob rule than do what's right.

By far the most appalling part of this is that all these people knew that Trump had lost and took steps to move forward with the scheme in spite of it. Even worse they are still amplifying these proven lies in order to satisfy the members of Trump’s cult.

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