All states need to ban the sale of our health-related data. Immediately it's about reproductive care, but it's about so much more than that, especially if we get a Congress hostile to health care in general. I don't want data brokers gathering and selling any of my health care information, not about any condition.

It's also one more argument for why we need one system that we all pay into. Single-payer health care takes the profit incentive away completely.

@MariaHill data brokers as a whole should be illegal. I haven't given any of them permission to sell my data.

@stevencarbaugh I don't disagree with you but I think the best we will get is an opt out like the California Do Not Sell My Information requirement. And it will probably have to be state-by-state because good luck getting half of Congress to understand how their cell phones work let alone that you're being surveilled if you take yours to the doctor's office. Too many surely think it's a feature and not a bug if the companies they balking not being able to make money from while they are in office advertise to you via geofencing.

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