Vox is hailing Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg as "one of a few voices in Washington who, despite President Joe Biden’s sagging approval ratings and polls that showed Democrats playing defense on inflation, remained optimistic about the party’s prospects and who was ultimately vindicated by a strong performance."

I recall the users of, who live all over the USA, in blue, purple, and a few red places, saying the same. And Democratic volunteers everywhere. I had a few nights when I was concerned that my perspective was skewed because I live in a highly Democratic neighborhood where there weren't even any signs for Republican candidates, but I believed that if Kansas voted strongly pro-choice in August, so would the rest of the country three months later.

Rosenberg calls this a "media failure" and says the media relying on Republican narratives and polling could have cost Democrats the House. That's not a liberal nor an impartial media.

@MariaHill It is more of a media catastrophe. Everyone in the media -- left and right -- knows that the Republicans lie. It'd be easy to say the media is gullible or naive. But I think you're right -- it simply isn't a liberal media anymore.

So many news organizations are struggling and keep pushing right ostensibly thinking they'll get a taste of ring-wing audience dollars. It makes sense -- the younger, more liberal generation has flocked to Tiktok and doesn't care about traditional news.

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