This is having exactly the chilling effect the DeSantis crowd wants, but it's not just Florida or even Texas where school librarians are being constrained from buying books for kids to read. It's Kansas City, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Maine. Even a Brooklyn librarian has concerns about delays in purchases that are keeping kids from having new books to read.

Guess which books are being denied? Books that deal with LGBTQ subjects, books by and about Black people, books about American history and slavery, and books that mention violence and guns. Kids want to read about these subjects.

A Florida pastor said that "children don’t need to be introduced" to sexuality. He wants a "pristine" library. He can stay at church and hide his own head in the sand. Other people including adolescents would like to read about it. Life is not pristine.

Lack of new books is keeping kids from reading. It's only late January, but so far...

@MariaHill Did you read @juddlegum yesterday? He had a whole thread w/ reactions frm teachers etc. He's been all over FL education and book BS for awhile. His work is always top notch & needs support. New law in FL banning teachers frm having books in their classrooms unless "approved" by a media specialist (who will now be only DeSantis approved RW wingnuts) is heartbreaking. Some teachers have spent yrs & much $ building their book collections to instill the joy of reading in students😢



It's a good article with important info. I've untagged Judd, assuming the one notification is enough for him if he wants to participate in the conversation.

This is his toot with the link. In the same thread is a tiktok of it if people prefer it or want to send it to others who prefer that medium. I realized that I don't know what the expanded Fediverse likes any more. I know that the people I talked to before the bird site imploded read articles.

@MariaHill Thanks...don't even know what the "expanded Fediverse" is for sure....but Judd is a great follow and does impressive work. He exposes a lot.....before the FL education stuff he was exposing companies who said they would not support insurrectionists, but did etc. Thanks.

@BlueWaver22 It was just a joke about there being so many new instances with so many new people in the last three months. With more people coming because the bird site failed rather than because they didn't want to be on corporate social media, it occurred to me that users here may be more likely to still use the other large sites than the people I met prior to October/November. That's not a criticism of people who are new here but a question about possible change in all of our audience.

@MariaHill Ahh, I see. I just joined Mastodon in early Nov and have seen a lot of changes even in that short amount of time. Take care!

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