Rep. Andrew Clyde must have seen how much attention his Georgia colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene was getting, so he decided to get in on the race to be the worst freshman member of Congress. Here he is, refusing to shake the hand of Capitol Police officer Michael Fanone, who was injured on January 6th, and fellow officer Harry Dunn.

Last night Rachel Maddow mentioned that the 14 members of Congress who voted against making Juneteeth a federal holiday would have that "stick to their shoes forever," so I'll make sure to mention that in conjunction with them. Clyde voted against that, as did Matt Rosendale, representative from Montana, who also features in the story.

Rosendale's chief of staff, James Braid, also snubbed Fanone.

Here's the list of members of Congress who voted against both the Gold Medal for Capitol Police for 1/6 and the federal holiday of Juneteenth:

Massie, Biggs, Rosendale, Norman, Clyde, Roy, Gosar


GOP Texas Senator John Cornyn knocked Montana GOP Rep. Matt Rosendale for his statement announcing that he would vote against making Juneteenth a federal holiday and called his position “kooky.”'

When someone like Cornyn calls your views and reasoning "kooky", you know, you have rounded the corner.

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