It's not at all surprising that some people can't even wait three days after the inauguration to see what Democrats will do since those people told us they would celebrate on January 20th and protest on January 21st, but it's still disappointing. I believe in protest too and spent four years protesting the Trump administration, but there's nothing here to protest yet. This is posturing.

Some of those same people (and some others) still have no idea have no idea how the government works and are making laughably unconstitutional demands.


Everyone needs to give Joe Biden a chance. This guy is taking on a tremendous burden unlike anything any other President has had to endure.

There was barbed wire around the Capitol on Inauguration, FFS. Let's let him do his job, contact and petition for what we want as always, and see what happens. He's already working non-stop.

We can't throw out parts of the Constitution on a whim and fortunately, nobody can.


@TonyStark @MariaHill Part of the reason we ended up with -45 and the worst covid situation in the world is that too many people just want what they want, caring nothing for how they get it or how it might affect others. That isn't a good way to operate in any part of society because everyone has to co-exist with other beings. Maybe more people need to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or watch one of the adaptations, and really pay attention to the message.

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