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Can we get some math on how much the top 1% has spent on their carnival rides to space with their unpaid tax dollars versus how much money has gone to changing families' lives? Any articles want to cover that?

Child tax credit tussle reflects debate over work incentives -

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Why does Puerto Rico have the highest vaccination rates (and lowest infection rates) in the US?

They didn’t politicize Covid.

They care about their older residents, kids, and immuno-compromised.

They embraced their vaccine mandates.

The solution is simple.

Covid update: How Puerto Rico became the most vaccinated place in America -

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Tuesday, October 26th.

In there's a for Meg Zaletel in Anchorage Assembly District 4.
has a for State House of Representatives District Cheshire 9

If you're voting in Alaska, you also have the option to vote early for the Nov 2 election! Unfortunately, New Hampshire does not yet have in place, so you'll have to make a second trip next week.

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Does your state offer ?

As of April 2021, 39 states and the District of Columbia permitted no excuse early voting. Another five states utilized all-mail voting systems, eliminating the need for early voting.

In-Person Early Voting has already started in many states! Avoid the crowds and find a time convenient for you!

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I love , especially by mail. You have time to research the candidates and issues, get an acknowledgement that your vote was counted, and you don't have to worry about getting to the polls on a particular day.

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People of WVA, there’s a reason you don’t have broadband, affordable daycare, health insurance, drivable roads...yep, this guy.

Basically, Manchin thinks if you have $100 left after taxes, healthcare, shelter, food, transportation, childcare, dental & vision care, utilities (and more), you are too wealthy to qualify for any assistance. But those making $400k/year and up are too poor to tax. W.T.F.

Sen. Joe Manchin wants to restrict who gets the child tax credit. These West Virginians may pay the price if he gets his way:

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Struggling parents don't pony up and pay his PAC. Or hire lobbyists. So those are not the people he cares about.

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Trump and his ignorant GQP gangsters and bootlickers have already killed hundreds of thousands of Americans in various ways, but mostly by turning COVID into the much more deadly Trump Plague. But their delusional and depraved denial of the facts coupled with Trump's relentless attacks on the environment make them an existential threat to organized human life on the entire planet.  

Trump, in fact, deliberately accelerated climate change by turning over pristine land and costal waters to fossil fuel interests, by denigrating renewable energy ("windmills cause cancer") and by gutting the EPA by moving their offices so far away that irreplaceable climate scientists had no choice but to quit, which was exactly what Trump wanted them to do.

Youngkin isn't as far from Trump as he wants people to believe. Look at his policies. - go vote for Terry McAuliffe if you haven't.

Opinion | Youngkin banishes Trump, but he can’t clean the stench of Trumpism:

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If you or I were as terrible at our job as McCarthy is at his, we'd have been fired many years ago. But he's angling for a big promotion. And as Adam Schiff said in an interview, earlier this week, if McCarthy becomes the Speaker of the House in 2022, Donald Trump will become the de facto Speaker of the House. Mull that one over for a while.

Trumpers want a Republic. They just don't want a democratically-elected Republic. Don't confuse a republic with a democratic republic. Trumpers don't.

And vote Republicans out of office at the local level, too. My area has municipal elections next week. I'm voting for Democrats across the whole ballot. Local politicians work their way up into state legislatures, and that's where gerrymandering happens. Then they work their way up into Congress. They need to be defeated before they can move on.  :voteblue:

Opinion | Kevin McCarthy’s vile attack on Liz Cheney shows the dangers of a GOP House:

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In Germany, global warming is changing more than just the climate. It’s changing politics, too.

Layers of dried mud on sidewalks, concrete roads turned to gravel and time worn stone bridges washed away.

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Next, look closer to home at geography you know. See where they drew the line(s). Do the maps respect communities and neighborhoods, or not? For example, Cincinnati, OH is split in half. The eastern half is in a district with seven rural counties. The city and the rural areas have little in common, not like the city would have if left intact in a single voting district. The map makers deliberately diluted the city’s vote. It’s textbook gerrymandering.

These examples should get you started.

When I started looking at maps in this way, things began to pop out, for instance, a low-income area split into different districts. Address the things you see. Identifying vote dilution is a good way to begin.

Then show up at redistricting meetings, write letters to the editor, share the information with people you know, tell your legislators what you want, and vote in people locally who want non-partisan, ungerrymandered maps.

If we want a fair democracy, we have to put in the work. 2/2

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One of the things I think it's most important to share on social media is any way to take positive action to defend democracy.

This year, redistricting after the 2020 census is going on. As states come out with new voting district maps, it's important to contact lawmakers about the maps.

However, saying: “I want a fair map, no gerrymandering” isn't enough. As a friend said to me, “I understand the best testimony is very specific to the proposed district, but I don’t know to get that specific information.”

Here’s how. Anyone can do this, and it’s quick.

First, look at the map to see what's going on where you live. See where single counties are sliced into 2, 3, or more voting districts. The more splits, the worse the map. A specific comment could say: “5 counties are each split into 3 separate voting districts, and another is split into 4. A fair map minimizes splits." 1/2

6 Tips for Making Effective Comments at a Redistricting Hearing-

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202 Republicans voted to let this slide.  Only 9 voted to uphold the contempt.  This is from a party who spent 28 months investigating Hillary Clinton. And they just want a mulligan for attacking our Capital. 

What a bunch of BS. 

Dems overcome GOP opposition, vote to hold Bannon in contempt-

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"House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested yesterday that he doesn't even consider the Jan. 6 committee that issued the subpoena to be a "real" committee."

You had chances, McCarthy, and you blew them all. You could have had a bipartisan commission, but you blew it. You could have named legitimate non-surrectionist Republicans to the select committee, but you blew it.

Even after blowing all your chances, two Republicans are still on the select committee, McCarthy. How do you not notice that?

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Why is it that when people criticize violence and racism, Republicans get upset? If Republicans see a memo for addressing violent extremists and assume it’s about them and their supporters, I think they’re just revealing their true colors. It’s basically an admission that they’re domestic terrorists.

There is no right to assault or threaten people with physical harm or death.  

Interesting that Gym Jordan is complaining about a snitch line; isn’t that exactly what his Texas Republican pals have set up against abortion providers? There's not much of a path forward for this country unless Republicans start living in reality.

Garland defends school board memo from GOP 'snitch line' attacks:

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This is great news and will take us one step closer to being out of the pandemic. I got my booster already. Get yours when you're eligible. Let's all pitch in and help.

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine found 90.7% effective in kids 5 to 11 :

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Enabling and siding with tax cheats is just one of the obvious symptoms of the diseased state of the Republican Party.

Too many American citizens fail to understand the extent to which polarized American politics—polarized primarily due to Republicans’ commitment to obstructionism and demagoguery—threatens the future of our democratic republic.

The Republican Party promotes plutocratic oligarchy. The GOP’s authoritarian practices ensure the ideal of a government of, by and for all of the people is in peril and is becoming irrelevant here just as it has elsewhere.

In addition to Hungary - Turkey, Poland and, most obviously, Russia provide further examples of this authoritarian and ultimately autocratic trend.

It was civility and compromise that allowed democracy to work. Unvarnished greed and lust for power have replaced these needed properties. It's fun to ignore but it's extremely dangerous. And the IRS proposal should have stayed like it was.

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White male supremacy and tax evasion are the two pillars of the Republican party.

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May seem like a short time to wait for SCOTUS - but this delay will result in severe trauma for many Texas women and pregnant people and trauma to the people that surround and care about the tune of a $10,000 government payoff to the strangers who don't even know them.

Unbelievable what this new brand of obstructionist, extremist Republicans are capable of getting away with.

Supreme Court Again Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Law-

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