The potential impact of this plan to people at lower and middle incomes is immoral and unjust so of course Republicans would float this as an idea along with defunding good government.

Because destroying the country for everyone except the few at the top is their mission.

No IRS (no taxes, no roads, no infrastructure.)

No EPA (no clean water, air or soil.)

No real court system (except for one stacked with oligarch judges.)

No democracy (.just theocracy, dollarocracy, and kakistocracy.)

No functioning House of Representatives.

The Republican Party is a national wrecking ball.

It’s their only purpose. When even Grover Norquist is telling you to abandon it, maybe your plan is a bad one. This is what electing Republicans gets, though.

Opinion- The GOP tax plan is to let the rich pay less and make you pay more-

@TonyStark Republicans are in disarray and sheer chaos. They’re panicking because they’re so unpopular, they can only win by subverting democracy.

30% sales tax.

@the_Effekt @TonyStark I’m glad we have a D president who won’t entertain this. And a Senate who won’t. Thanks.

@Nebula @TonyStark I have to say I don't hate the concept if you whittle it down to the basics of what it is trying to do.

Simplify the method of paying tax.

We're being taxed, sometimes layered with IRS on top of sales tax, property tax and others.

I can see simplifying the method to one taxable source, but this feels like some kind of backhand Repub strategy that, once again favors the rich and corporations.


@TonyStark @the_Effekt Taxes are definitely too complicated but what Republicans want is zero taxation. I’m more of a socialism/capitalism blend person so that requires taxation.

Tony mentioned Grover Norquist up there. Norquist has a piece in The Atlantic today complaining about this plan but also wants a no federal tax model. I want a national health care system so I’m not that girl.

@Nebula @TonyStark Definitely agree with you there. I want that national health care as well. It has to be paid for somehow!

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