This is all part of a plan to disrupt 2022 and 2024 elections.

If election officials won't protect the elections (do their jobs) they shouldn't be in these positions.

These people need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. It's not even enough if they leave their jobs.

Coffee County, Georgia, under scrutiny after claim of post-election breach -

I kind of wonder if it's even worth explaining many GOP stupid attacks anymore. But then someone has to push back on this garbage.

I will say this. It takes a special kind of lowlife to accuse another deliberately of things they know aren't facts, especially something like this.

Biden has only improved the situation in the time he's been President. It got worse under Trump. A lot worse. And Biden continued to work at it.

J.D. Vance, congratulations. You've reached the Donald Trump level of depravity. I hope you join your idol in the dustbin of loser history.

J.D. Vance’s claim that Biden is targeting ‘MAGA voters’ with fentanyl-

By people who just don't care about smog so bad you couldn't go outside for days.

Couldn't see the sky, the sun or the moon. Toxic air, acid rain, asthma and lung disease.

East Coast wasn't much better. Probably worse because of industry.

Republicans won't stop until they destroy every bit of human progress.

Seventeen states sue EPA for letting California set vehicle standards-

@BruceBanner I don't think the east coast has been worse than that, but we don't want it to be either. I've lived most of my life and all of the past 25 years in or near major cities in the DC to Boston corridor, and there haven't been stretches of days where you can't see the sky. What we do get are days listed as "poor air quality" where people with lung conditions such as asthma are warned to stay inside, and the industry you're talking about is concentrated in Black neighborhoods, so guess who is more likely to be vulnerable to asthma.

I drive an old car, so it's not electric or hybrid. Even though I bought it in Maryland, I was reassured by the sticker on the back side window that said it met California's ultra low emissions standards. We all benefit by our cars meeting the most stringent standards. We all have to breathe that air. The air doesn't stay above California.

This may have been one of the early ones back when we started the , but if so, it was the video and not this live version from Austin, Texas, which is appropriate since Ken Paxton is one of the 17 Republican attorneys general (h/t @BruceBanner) suing the EPA because they don't like breathing clean air.

The rest of the country doesn't want your pollution, and you can't keep it within your own airspace. That's not how it works.

I'm going out on a limb here and guessing none of these 17 attorneys general has been to an R.E.M. show.

"The challenge is that the treatment for an abortion and the treatment for a miscarriage are exactly the same," said Dr. Sarah Prager, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington in Seattle and an expert in early pregnancy loss.

The new Texas abortion laws are putting the lives and health of women at risk. Doctors& pharmacists are now hesitant to treat women who have suffered a miscarriage, denying or delaying their care.
One in ten pregnancies end in miscarriage. Dangerous excessive bleeding and/or sepsis will result in the deaths or serious healthcare issues for many of those women in Texas.

But hey, they're only women and probably mostly poor ones at that, right?
Texas is NOT 'pro-life'. We'll be seeing more of these problems nationwide when Alito scraps Roe v Wade& Republicans ban abortion nationwide.

In Texas, abortion laws inhibit care for miscarriages

@TonyStark @nathaniel Thank you so much for sharing your story, Nathaniel, carrier of comically large coffees! It’s honestly really incredible and brave for you to basically undo cult-like conditioning and then make major changes to your life! I’m so happy you’re out here in the fediverse! I too hope you have a good support system now, and honestly I think you have a valuable perspective to offer.

Both you and Tony’s original point makes me miss Jared Yates Sexton, author of American Rule, which covers similar points. He was one of the few voices that made Twitter almost bearable - not enough to outweigh the bad but he really had an interesting perspective on how Christian Cults and Conspiracy theories have been weaponized throughout American history, but how this moment is especially toxic.

Abortion rates are down and have been for years. Safe, legal, and rare? We're already there.

Republicans' focus on late term abortion as an argument against abortion is incredibly disingenuous. A simple review of reputable public health information shows 93% of abortions take place at less than 13 weeks gestation while less than 1% are late term, which is after 20 weeks. In these cases, it usually performed due to a threat to the mothers' health or a serious issue in the fetus incompatible with survival.

Almost all late-term abortions are performed because it's discovered, late in the pregnancy, that the fetus has birth defects that are incompatible with life outside the uterus, or will mean a child will have a short, painful life if they are born alive.

It is always a difficult decision for everyone involved. Some choose to terminate and others have not. Bottom line is the decision is made by the person with their health care provider, no one else. 1/2

A friend of a friend had to terminate at 24 weeks because her fetus was anencephalic - the fetus had no brain other than a brainstem that was keeping the heart beating. The baby would have been incapable of hearing, vision, speech, locomotion, etc. The parents were devastated - they had very much wanted this baby and had tried for years to get pregnant. All their hopes and dreams came crashing down in an instant. What conservatives are saying is that she and the baby should have been forced to endure that experience, and the child's older sibling had no right to have their parents not be consumed with the horrible situation for months before it came to a tragic end.

Worse yet, state abortion restrictions aren't the main driver of lower abortion rates. So all of the GOP hoopla does nothing, as usual.

The U.S. Abortion Rate Continues to Drop: Once Again, State Abortion Restrictions Are Not the Main Driver-…

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The goal of politically active evangelicals is nothing less than the imposition of a full Christian theocracy - and that's no exaggeration.

Read their literature. Listen to what their people say at various conferences and events, including some well-known political figures like former AG Bill Barr, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and even Ted Cruz. They and others are on the record at right wing events promoting what's sometimes referred to as Dominionism.

Do some searches on Christian Dominionism. It's pretty scary stuff. This is what underpins the religious right, which in just the last few years has fully snatched away control of the Republican Party from Wall Street and pro-business fiscal conservatives who were previously its main power players. The subversion of institutions they talk about is exactly what we're seeing right now. These people are serious. And we'd better be just as serious about opposing them.

How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church-

Republicans have already made their stance on this known. They are against this, too. We all know what to do.

Most Americans support free, widely available birth control if abortion is banned:

@TonyStark Someone needs to tell at least five, perhaps six, justices that the closest thing to consensus that this country has is that people's bodies belong to them, not the state.

As for the rest of the Republicans? Everyone (consensus) says we need to protect Medicare, so stop trying to mess with it. I know we don't have everyone on board with expanding it to the whole country, but making people not have to worry about their health care would be compassionate, if that's where you want to go. And once we had it, there sure would be consensus about keeping it.

@Nebula Making insurance plans cover it a few years ago was great. Democrats want people to be healthy and to be able to choose the size and timing of their families.

@batbird We need every Democratic state to provide these protections. Connecticut, California, Maryland, and New Jersey have either enacted or are in the process of passing new protections. I'm glad to hear about Washington too.

Many states have gubernatorial races this year. If the state has a Republican state house, it may be too gerrymandered to turn it Democratic (but try! ) this time, but electing a Democratic governor will keep new restrictions from passing as long as it's not a Republican supermajority. And if it is a Republican supermajority, please flip a few seats to Democrats.

I know you know this, @QueenRamonda. I'm reminding anyone who doesn't.

What we can do if we hold all of our Democratic seats plus pick up 1-2 more (Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina have open seats or vulnerable Republicans) is either eliminate the undemocratic filibuster or carve out exceptions. If Manchin (and possibly Sinema) are going to continue to obstruct, with a 52-48 majority, we can still afford to lose two Democrats who would vote against us. It's losing three we can't do.

Republicans had a 52-48 advantage one of the times when they tried to repeal the ACA. Collins and Murkowski didn't vote for repeal, not that big of a surprise as they are the most likely to vote with Democrats (and Mitt "darn you Trump!" Romney wasn't yet a senator). That was John McCain's dramatic thumbs-down and Republicans lost the vote 47-53. So we need one or two more seats!

I'd love to see Johnson and Rubio retired, as well as PA and NC pick up the open seats.

@TonyStark @batbird

I don't expect it, but if DeSantis gets worse, you may have people coming out to vote against Republicans. Florida is not really a red state. Just four years ago, DeSantis and Rick Scott won by very slim margins. Republicans there are just very loud, and they have a lot more seats in the House and the state legislature because they have been able to gerrymander. In a statewide election, Florida could elect Democrats.

Rubio now has the incumbency advantage, but here's Florida's last election for its other Senate seat. Val Demings is not an unknown either. She's a House member who was an impeachment manager.

That doesn't mean I'm confident, just that Florida is a lot purpler than it looks based on who is currently in office.

TFG won Florida by four points, but I read an article about why he was uniquely positioned to win the state as opposed to the average Republican. I am not a Floridian or an expert on the state though.

@QueenRamonda @TonyStark @batbird

I've had to tell people this before and I don't mind doing it again, but as much as I personally don't like him or others may not, Joe Manchin is definitely a Democrat and votes with them more often than not, including several votes to confirm Biden appointees recently:

We can't get a liberal in W.Va. Focus on defeating MAGA and increasing Democrats' numbers in the Senate so Manchin is irrelevant.

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