Enabling and siding with tax cheats is just one of the obvious symptoms of the diseased state of the Republican Party.

Too many American citizens fail to understand the extent to which polarized American politics—polarized primarily due to Republicans’ commitment to obstructionism and demagoguery—threatens the future of our democratic republic.

The Republican Party promotes plutocratic oligarchy. The GOP’s authoritarian practices ensure the ideal of a government of, by and for all of the people is in peril and is becoming irrelevant here just as it has elsewhere.

In addition to Hungary - Turkey, Poland and, most obviously, Russia provide further examples of this authoritarian and ultimately autocratic trend.

It was civility and compromise that allowed democracy to work. Unvarnished greed and lust for power have replaced these needed properties. It's fun to ignore but it's extremely dangerous. And the IRS proposal should have stayed like it was.


White male supremacy and tax evasion are the two pillars of the Republican party.

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