I'm curious @TonyStark what people in the US are making of the two big stories in the UK.
Partygate, where government introduced Covid lockdowns then the same politicians & civil servants went on a spree of multiple alcohol fuelled parties despite gatherings being illegal.
The second, of course, being the Queen's favourite son Andrew facing trial for sexual abuse enabled by his pimp Epstein. He has been stripped of royal position & military titles, before trial starts.


This is an interesting discussion to start and I'm sure more people will chime in. I'm curious as to your thoughts, also.

1. Personally, and maybe people will guess this, to me, the rules for covid mitigation are extremely important. They apply to everyone no matter who you are, in my opinion.

Expecting people to follow the rules when one isn't following them on their own part is a whole lot of bullshit. It makes people, understandably, angry and distrustful.

Yes, people make mistakes and forget a mask once or whatever, but partying it up looks awful to people if you're telling them they need to stay in (which, judging by the numbers, they probably do.) I'd be angry.

2. I don't say a lot about the royal family. Personally, it's always weirded me out a bit that people were so obsessed with it to begin with. But not growing up with it, it simply could be something I don't understand. I certainly sympathize with people who aren't at all into it.

I don't know anyone who wants anyone involved with Epstein not held to account and while a trial is important in determining outcomes and so forth and everyone deserves a fair one, I don't find it disturbing or unfair that those things happened to Andrew.

It's not uncommon for anyone facing such allegations to step away from public office on their own in this country under even less serious circumstances. Or at least it used to be.


I don't know if Jimmy Saville means anything in the US. He was a famous TV entertainer on kids shows including Top of The Pops (teen music show). He did lots of work for charity including regular visits to orphanages and children's wards. After he died it came to light he was Britain's worst serial paedophile, who used his celebrity status with BBC & connections to abusers in celeb & political circles to silence accusations. Andrew was a friend. It's a pattern.

It's really sickening how rampant abuse is and how much people with some power/cash get away with it.

In the US you have many people of wealth who abuse the system. Those like yourself are frustrated & angry about inequalities and lack of justice.
In the UK, positions of power allowed people to do whatever they liked for centuries.
I have a pet theory that the UK working class is so compliant because it was bred into them. Any peasant challenging the authority of the ruling classes would have been executed, so only sheep survived.


Let me add that from my perspective, there's a lot of racism involved in this in addition. No person of color would be skating away from any of this. Not that they should because obviously not but over here, there's a lot of white privilege involved.

@QueenRamonda @TonyStark
I completely agree. Racism is deeply ingrained into the establishment & their expectations of entitlement. There is a mindset that if you are white & rich you can get away with anything - it is valid because they protect each other. The same "boys club" mentality does not extend past the colour of their colonial skins.
I don't know the full truth of Meghan Markle's victimisation but I find her version of events & attitudes compelling.

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