Please no links to birdsite. No screenshots of it. We came here to get away from it.

This community is here to support democracy and electing Democrats and to give people who are progressive and of marginalized groups a safe space to hang. It's peaceful.

We're not like typical social media that includes dog piling, ratioing, sea lioning, personal attacks, and the like.

We are not doom and gloom about the future.

And I am getting tired of repeating myself about this over and over.

@TonyStark So this community is “about electing Democrats”. Do you somehow speak for the entire Mastodon community? I sure hope the majority here is in favour of this being an independent, non-partisan space. Anyways, you can’t promote democracy and at the same time say you only want Democrats elected.

First, this is one instance, not the entire Mastodon service or even the Fediverse.

Second, Republicans in this country no longer support democracy.

Third, our server explains what it is. I don't owe you any explanations for it.

@TonyStark Maybe there’s another space here to discuss this. I live in Germany and I know how messed up things are in US politics. I am also a life long Democrat. Still I am convinced we should be willing to talk to all sides (except racists, white supremacists, misogynists, etc.). If we throw all Republicans into the same basket the the Trumpers have won in thinking they took over the party.

@gus @TonyStark

Gus, show me how many elected Republicans at the federal level do not support Trump (at least in public). You can count them on one hand. Trump HAS taken over the GOP. The GOP is openly racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, transphobic, and Islamaphobic. Over 60 GOP House members ran on platforms that were based on QAnon lies.

There is no GOP to "talk" to. It's a hate machine that runs on pure propaganda intended to incite fear into ignorant voters with the promise that only GOP politicians, and then only Trump supporting Republicans, can protect them from what they fear.

That's it. That's the entirety of the GOP in 2022. There's no "middle" left to discuss anything with.

If you think the GOP is not what I just wrote, then you're privileged enough to have not already targeted you or people like you. But they will. Count on it.

@gus @TonyStark

And if you think I exaggerate, please tell me what the GOP party positions are on:

1. Healthcare
2. Infrastructure
3. Reducing the deficit
4. Public education.

You can't, because there is no party consensus on any of those things.

The GOP has had 12 years since the ACA passed to propose something else. All they've got it "repeal, allow pre-existing conditions, and you can die" as a position.

This is exactly why the GOP has refused to even put forth a party platform document anymore! They have NOTHING left but lies to incite fear. Nothing.


You can't find a single one who has anything to offer expect the very small, small number of them that at least admit Trump lost.

It makes my head just about explode when anyone says all we need to do is listen to Republicans and be nice. When are they going to do that for me, a Black, queer woman?

Haven't seen it one day of my life yet.

@gus @TonyStark


You can't on one hand say you'll talk to all sides except racists, white supremacists, and misogynists, and say you'll still talk to the American Republican Party. The rats who weren't jumped off the sinking ship already, with maybe a few exceptions. Maybe.

@kelena @gus @TonyStark

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