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Congratulations to voters and organizers and to Jill Underly on her win on Tuesday to be the next State Superintendent of Schools. Public education in Wisconsin is now in excellent hands.

Considering that this seat was the one held by Tony Evers before he became Wisconsin's Governor, this is a great win.

Jill Underly defeats Deborah Kerr in state superintendent race-

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@TonyStark It is SO important to start local and build from the ground up. Great news!!

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He is actually calling for a repeat of the Capitol insurrection/sedition. It is truly sickening how far Republicans will go to stop Black and Brown people from legally voting. Republicans are a minority party which continues to shrink every day. They are not patriots. They are terrorists.

Video shows Texas GOP official calling for ‘army’ of poll watchers in Black and Latino areas |

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@MJ "I don't know how much fraud happened in 2020..."

I'm waiting for them to get caught sending people in to commit fraud so they can point at them and say LOOK, THERE'S FRAUD!


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The unfounded charges of fraud also represent a threat to our democracy. Less deadly directly than the insurrection itself, but just as dangerous.


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It's a giant game of Red Rover. Literally half the people I know went or are going out of state for their shots. You come to my state for yours, I'll go to your state for mine. It's a huge waste of gas and probably costing lives in car accidents.

I'm glad we have 20% of the population vaccinated -- better than most countries and I thank the Biden administration -- but the rollout could barely be worse if someone tried to think of how not to set up a vaccine distribution plan and did it that way. We need a national healthcare system.


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@TonyStark I just love the progressive movement and sound judgment of the Biden administration. Indeed we are going to

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@TonyStark There’s no excuse we have for letting people go hungry when we can do something about it. The same goes for healthcare and a liveable wage.

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@TonyStark We did well electing him, and we must make sure everyone can vote so the Republicans can't stop us from electing the people we want again next time, Sen. Manchin
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I hope Joe Manchin remembers that the Republicans already got rid of the filibuster when it came to confirming judges. 

The Republicans in the last administration didn't have any policy goals that would require 60 votes: tax cuts (also achievable thru reconciliation) and appointment of judges (simple majority because they made it that way.)

We can be sure Republicans would abolish or weaken the filibuster when it suits their needs – regardless of whatever McConnell says now. Did McConnell ever act out of fairness, respect for the rules, or concern for the minority party's rights when he held the majority? No, and he won't in the future. 

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@TonyStark An administration that truly wants to help feels so good.

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Removing the right to vote permanently from felons is ridiculous. Also extends punishment beyond the original sentence.

Washington governor signs bill restoring voting rights after prison release -

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Watching this now.
Everybody talks about rights or lives, rights vs lives, freedom, blah, blah, etc... but following the stock prices on the weapons used in any mass shooting indicate another consideration altogether.
Follow the money.
The stocks go up.
Every. Single. Time.
That's ad revenue, NRA revenue, campaign contributions & kickbacks. Just business as usual.

Fix it. Go Joe!

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He is right and I am thankful that we have a President who's taking this issue seriously. The time of the Republican plan of "we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas" is overdue for an end.

To those who say stronger safety measures won't work, facts are not with you: latimes.com/projects/if-gun-la

Biden says gun violence in U.S. is an epidemic, unveils executive actions and calls for national red flag law:

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@TonyStark Our President is saving lives today and every day. This is what we voted and worked for.

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Trump promised to fix homelessness in America but he did nothing about it except make it worse by trying to cut nutrition assistance programs for struggling American families.

President Biden delivers on his promises.

I'm not ashamed to say real tears came into my eyes when I saw this headline. Having a president that actually cares about the human beings of the world, it gives me a little hope for our nation.

How Biden stimulus bill will target homelessness:

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