Virginia, gun violence 

Flood a society with guns and this is what you get.

We’re not preserving anything, not a country, not life, living like this.

Mass shooting at Chesapeake Walmart leaves 7 dead-

Virginia, gun violence 


re: gun violence

There have been more than 600+ mass shootings so far in 2022.

Wake up American!!!!! We need action now. We need to stop saying it won't happen here. It can!!!!! It can happen in your community. At your church, local grocery store, an outdoor event. What if it was your Mother, Father, Child, Sister, brother, friend or neighbor killed or maimed by gunfire. What would you do?

We need common sense gun laws.

Virginia, gun violence 

@ClintBarton The thing with this one is that Virginia has decent gun safety laws that were put into effect by their last governor, Democrat Ralph Northam.

Their current governor, Republican Glenn Youngkin has said he won’t enact any more and would like to repeal what laws on the matter Virginia does have and flippantly addresses violent attacks.

That’s not leadership and I don’t think it’s how most people want to live.

Too many guns. It’s the guns.

Virginia, gun violence 


I agree with you 💯!!!!! There are too many guns.

I know Virginia Gov. Northam put into effect descent gun safety laws and that the current Gov. Youngkin wants to get rid of them.

I'm just sad and angry more can't be done to stop gun violence ...

Virginia, gun violence 

@ClintBarton I agree 100%. All we hear from Republicans is excuses. More will be done when we vote more of them out and elect better people. Lots has been done but not enough. We need a full scale revamp of how we think about it is a nation and look at real numbers.


Virginia, gun violence 

@TonyStark @ClintBarton Republicans hate life unless it's a clump of cells they can control women with or a rich person who they count on to support their dictatorship dreams.

Virginia, gun violence 

@RJA @TonyStark @ClintBarton Until we have massive culture shifts (or until such a time that the existing culture shifts more strongly affect the status quo), nothing will change.

We value profits over people in every part of society, from how we handle childcare and healthcare to how we treat our elderly before they die. Nothing is immune to our desire to amass more wealth at the expense of others. Gun proliferation is a byproduct of this culture.

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