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I can't believe I have to agree with Rick Scott about something, but the aphorism "politics makes strange bedfellows" exists. Republicans hate China for their own reasons (and Saudi Arabia too). They're rarely concerned about anyone's human rights except where convenient, but if Scott and Ron Wyden can agree that the USA need to put pressure on these violators to clean up their acts, great.

It doesn't seem to the the sporting events themselves that China, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar want, though, but that they can use them to make the world forget that they are causing suffering. There are individual athletes who go to these countries and speak up about women's or LGBTQ+ rights, but it's not enough. One person or one team doesn't do much. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, people viewed that country more favorably. Sportswashing works.

It's up to governments to say no, you don't get to clean up your image by hosting events while you commit genocide.

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Looking forward to the arrests of Stone and Jones after they refuse to provide the requested documents and refuse to testify.

(Puts popcorn on grocery list.)

Alex Jones, Roger Stone subpoenaed by House Jan. 6 committee-

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@SteveRogers @TonyStark
At 6:30 AM, President Biden is reading his President's Daily Brief (PDB), drinking coffee, and eating toast.

The Former Guy woke up much later, then tweeted, then watched Fox and Friends and called into that show while his valet painted him orange. The Former Guy did not read his PDB and could not even absorb a simplified verbal version.

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Who could have known that online harassment had a gendered/racial/homophobic/transphobic component to it? Every woman, POC, and LGBTQ+ person who has ever used the internet.

My first two days on a BBS, 30 years ago, I conducted an unplanned experiment. The first evening I used a version of my first name. I got many DMs from men, before I even posted a message in a forum. Obviously they saw my name in the users list. After the initial excitement that someone from another part of the world had messaged me, I stopped answering. They wanted to know things about me. I was a teenager.

As I looked through the forum list, I saw that people used handles, and the next night I created a new account, as my favorite character. It happened to be a male one. I got no messages from strangers except in response to things I posted in forums. On topic about politics and TV.

People wonder why we choose characters here.

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I applaud those that could care less about shortages of materialistic junk to buy this holiday season.

Thoughtful giving and time with the people I care about mean more to me at this point in life. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holidays, but if we're all more thoughtful, we help people less well off, workers, and people who still need necessities.

Something to read and consider.

Stop Shopping:

America needs you to buy less junk.

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A lot of the media is trying to convince people that this economy is worse than in 2009, when we had cratering GDP and 11% unemployment. We are in the fastest growing jobs era in modern history. GDP is growing at a 6% pace. Unemployment was 50% higher in January than today.

Even with inflation, gas prices are lower than they were a decade ago and last year there were low because of the pandemic.

In the next breath, they blame high inflation on Biden, when the root cause is broken supply chains caused by too much outsourcing and off-shoring by major corporations chasing maximum profits.

They want to blame high unemployment numbers on Biden too, but oops, they are not so bad after all. In fact there is a shortage of workers for low paying jobs. Either raise the pay, or let more migrant workers into the country willing to work for low pay. Any immigration problem has always been driven by corporate greed, but Republicans don’t want to talk about that. JFC.

Did people pay for giant flashing "Let's Go Brandon" billboards or did the billboard company just want to drive away customers? Third option that will make me cry, is this only a thing here?

Life as an progressive in Arkansas makes me cranky. For example, last November was added to the ballot by our GOP supermajority state assembly. It eliminated lifetime term limits, but many folks voted for it thinking it imposed new term limits.

To contribute and spread holiday cheer on this instance I can share more examples of how bad it is here.

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When a one term failed fascist President gets to appoint one third of the court, something’s wrong.

Great to see so many new folks using Mastodon. Gives me hope.

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Because propaganda works! And working class white people have been subjected to decades of propaganda designed quite deliberately to divide the working class, especially by race, and convince them to hate progressives.

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It's hard to take MAGA Republicans seriously on Biden criticism. For five years all we've heard from them is grievances. The aftermath of the Trump/Pompeo deal with the Taliban should prompt them to keep their mouths shut for once.

Democrats need to get busy and accomplish voting reform and infrastructure funding. They shouldn't let Trump dictate the current narrative. It's embarrassing to see.

For a fifth of a century, most of the corporate news media were utterly indifferent toward the endless, pointless draining of taxpayer trillions into the war in Afghanistan. But now that Biden has stopped that, they’re outraged. Please.

Opinion | As Democrats run away from Biden over Afghanistan, one Senator gets it right-
"Why do so many Democrats parrot the narrow GOP and media framing of the Afghan debacle?"

When I see protesters and counter protesters fighting in the streets of Portland it seems like a huge waste of working class energy. Imagine if both sides directed their anger at the political system that is letting the people down. So many people who shouldn't be fighting each other.

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