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I recently bought an EV. I love it. Quiet, fast (as in 0 to 60 in 4 seconds) and I can say goodbye to oil changes and fumes. Zero tailpipe emissions. No more gas. However, I know I am fortunate to be able to afford it and have a place to easily charge it at home.

I am convinced that if given a chance to drive one, and if they were more affordable which they will be as the market grows and more used EVs are available, more and more people will want one. (Though I see plenty of people of modest means driving around $70k pickup trucks, so maybe this isn't as much of an issue.)

The charging network is getting better by the day.

Virtually all of the major car companies are making multi-billion dollar capital investments in EVs. Biden is smart to want the US to be worldwide leaders. Hundreds of thousands of jobs come with that, along with preserving the planet.

Biden pushes for electric vehicles to make up half of U.S. auto sales by 2030-

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A critical ocean system may be heading for collapse due to , study finds

Studies of ancient climate change show that a shutdown of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation could lead to wild temperature swings and major shifts in global weather systems.

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@jlio It's some Brave New World newspeak, like Right To Work (for less money than if your workplace was unionized). Freedom to kill your relatives. Freedom to be hospitalized, if there's a bed for you. @TonyStark

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Texas Governor Abbott wants to call another special session to try to force Democratic state legislators to allow the gutting of the voting rights of their constituents?

I suspect this will be the response of the Democrats.

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$25.6 billion/year ($256 billion over 10 years) against a current deficit of $3 TRILLION is less than a 1% increase in the annual deficit.

Seems worth it, especially since borrowing costs are still close to zero. And eventually we will stop the insanity and put the top tax rates back where they were in 2016, or maybe even 2000. That will easily cover $25.6 billion/year.

Going after rhe tax cheats that Republicans refuse to crack down on that was included in the Democrats' version of the bill would also help.

CBO Sees Infrastructure Bill Widening Budget Gap by $256 Billion -

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It would be the height of hypocrisy for any Republican congressperson to scream “deficit” after adding to it by giving large tax breaks to the wealthy.

So we'll expect it soon.

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So much unnecessary sickness and death, so much unnecessary grief, just for political purposes...I swear, I loathe Republican politicians more and more each day.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s move to bar school mask mandates is already pressuring schools into backing away from the facial coverings, even as the state reports a record number of people hospitalized with Covid-19:

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If only Exxon scientists hadn't been muzzled for decades by a company deliberately trying to spread disinformation in order to protect their bottom line.

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More outlets are talking about this Agent Hill. Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Russia are the models. The GOP are showing us their plan.

“Carlson is not ignoring Orban’s iron hand. For him, the repression is the very allure.”

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DeSantis throws bizarre tantrums instead of leading. His state is teeming with Covid cases and his priority is helping it spread. To kids.

He lied about what President Biden actually said about state governors needing to help ot get out of the way and blames everything and everyone but himself for his utter failure as a governor during a crisis.

Florida residents are paying the price for his arrogance and selfishness. Schools should defy his ignorance.

Since he thinks Covid protocols are an infringement on "freedom", DeSantis should volunteer at a Florida hospital full of Covid patients and see what an infringement on freedom really looks like.

Some Florida school districts push ahead with mask mandates, defying DeSantis’s threat to cut funds-

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"The couple were recorded in June 2020 brandishing guns at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters as they passed by their mansion in St. Louis."

Imagine it the other way around.

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@QueenRamonda @TonyStark They wouldn’t be running for the Senate. Or, using that exact picture for the campaign. The insanity of the modern GOP, that your base will be motivated by this image. “Elect me I’ll get away with anything.”

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Nina has a history of being a bomb thrower, not a bridge builder. And after the last 5 years, it seems more people are interested in getting things done rather than cannibalistic outrage. Good job, voters. 

Shontel Brown, who stuck close to Biden, wins Democratic primary for House seat in Ohio, AP projects:

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Meanwhile in another part of the Multiverse…
”Hey Peggy!”
☕️😏 Stay tuned 💥📺!

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Wow. If only he could’ve prevented that, by like, not signing it into law himself.

Arkansas governor says he regrets signing ban on mask mandates-

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They say hindsight is 2020. He's got no one to blame but himself. And so do the people of Arkansas. .

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@TonyStark This was billed as progressives versus traditional Democrats. I don't live in Ohio but that's not how I saw it. I saw it as someone who wants to supports the Biden administration vs. someone who loudly told everyone she wouldn't vote for the ticket that was unseating the one that encouraged January 6th; the one that included our historic first Black, Asian, and female vice president; the one that supports helping people.

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Imagine being an American who admires Hungarian strong man Viktor Orban.

Did you picture Tucker Carlson or JD Vance?

At least Ohio voters can make sure the latter doesn't win a Senate seat. Unfortunately, too many people listen to the former.

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One more week untill the premiere of What If.
This means we're on the Phase 3 MCU films. Now I know everyone is going to want to jump straight to Endgame and 'What If Tony & Nat lived?' We all wish for that one, but let's go back a little bit.

Civil War- What if Tony or Steve had taken the other's side? Steve signing the Accords, or Tony refusing to?
The team would have possibly been able to work things out regarding Zemo& Bucky without a fight.
More importantly, in Infinity War, they'd have presented a united front when the Black Order came to Earth looking for the Infinity Stones held by Vision and Doctor Strange. This would have given them an opportunity to better strategize a defence and attack plan before Thanos arrived.

What are your 'What If?'s for Phase 3?

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