Congratulations to voters and organizers and to Jill Underly on her win on Tuesday to be the next State Superintendent of Schools. Public education in Wisconsin is now in excellent hands.

Considering that this seat was the one held by Tony Evers before he became Wisconsin's Governor, this is a great win.

Jill Underly defeats Deborah Kerr in state superintendent race-

@TonyStark It is SO important to start local and build from the ground up. Great news!!

I hope Joe Manchin remembers that the Republicans already got rid of the filibuster when it came to confirming judges. 

The Republicans in the last administration didn't have any policy goals that would require 60 votes: tax cuts (also achievable thru reconciliation) and appointment of judges (simple majority because they made it that way.)

We can be sure Republicans would abolish or weaken the filibuster when it suits their needs – regardless of whatever McConnell says now. Did McConnell ever act out of fairness, respect for the rules, or concern for the minority party's rights when he held the majority? No, and he won't in the future. 

@TonyStark We did well electing him, and we must make sure everyone can vote so the Republicans can't stop us from electing the people we want again next time, Sen. Manchin

@TonyStark An administration that truly wants to help feels so good.

Removing the right to vote permanently from felons is ridiculous. Also extends punishment beyond the original sentence.

Washington governor signs bill restoring voting rights after prison release -

He is right and I am thankful that we have a President who's taking this issue seriously. The time of the Republican plan of "we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas" is overdue for an end.

To those who say stronger safety measures won't work, facts are not with you:

Biden says gun violence in U.S. is an epidemic, unveils executive actions and calls for national red flag law:

@TonyStark Our President is saving lives today and every day. This is what we voted and worked for.

Trump promised to fix homelessness in America but he did nothing about it except make it worse by trying to cut nutrition assistance programs for struggling American families.

President Biden delivers on his promises.

I'm not ashamed to say real tears came into my eyes when I saw this headline. Having a president that actually cares about the human beings of the world, it gives me a little hope for our nation.

How Biden stimulus bill will target homelessness:

Um, she wasn't doing anything illegal so I should hope not. How about who arrested her?

Georgia state lawmaker arrested for protesting elections law won't be charged, lawyer says -

Since January 20th, Biden and the Democrats have been coming out with incredibly progressive programs and proposals and we are still in the first 100 days.

The Republicans had four years to come up with any meaningful programs (cutting taxes for those who don’t need it is not meaningful) including infrastructure but did nothing.

The problem for Republicans is that they things they want to pass are not popular with voters, and the things Democrats want to pass are popular with voters of both parties and Independents. Even when Republicans, in the majority, used reconciliation to try to repeal the ACA, they couldn't muster 50 votes.

They should shrink into nothing.

Opinion | Someone shrunk the GOP:

Great to hear about food benefits increasing. Especially helps children and the older Americans, the vast majority of the people whose nutrition benefits from SNAP.

Many studies indicate that adequate food has many, many positive outcomes (i.e. school performance, health care costs, completion of HS, future earnings.) And please understand, the people in need get the food and the middle class gets the $.

Farmers, food processors, the transportation sector, grocery stores, etc., etc., etc., all benefit. SNAP is a $ windfall for the middle class and a nutrition windfall for those not earning enough. Just like rent subsidies, health care coverage, or public school funding, the people get housing, medical care, and education. The middle class gets good jobs. Win, win, win. It is short-sighted, mean-spirited, or uninformed to be against such efficient and human-based policy.

Biden Effort to Combat Hunger Marks ‘a Profound Change’:

@TonyStark Anyone who cares about helping families to provide enough food for their children should applaud Joe Biden for tackling this urgent problem. Having sufficient food to feed your family is a human right.

Democrats: Here's some vaccine, infrastructure, and relief checks.

Republicans: We need you to boycott Coke and CBS and baseball and UPS and basically everything except racism.

Most legislation is passed to solve a problem. In Georgia, more people voted than ever before. That's good. Election officials declared the election problem-free. That's good. The will of the majority prevailed. That's good. So what's the problem?

The problem is that the wrong people won to them. It's naive to read the new law as if it were some objective act, a kind of high ideal of election law. It has to be read in the context that birthed it--a shocking Democratic trifecta. The few not very expansive measures in the law are cover; they'll do little if anything to ease access to the vote. Absentee voting brought the Democratic victory and so absentee voting is the target of the restrictive measures. No one should be fooled. The aim is simply to reduce the numbers of votes likely to go Democratic--that's it. The problem for Republicans is that the wrong people won. The goal is to make sure that doesn't happen again.

Yes, the Georgia election law is that bad:

It expands the use of drop boxes in rural GA that votes Republican and it mandates less usage of them in metro Atlanta which votes Democratic and is also more Black.

It's racially-oriented voter suppression. They're angry that people caught on.


It's the motive. Defenders of the law argue that the law establishes reasonable requirements. It sounds great until you consider that there was no material (or even immaterial) fraud found in the last round of elections. Or decades of preceding elections. So, in order to sustain the myth of voter fraud, Republicans create solutions in search of the fictional problem. The result is to restrict voting rights under cover of election security. Modern day Jim Crow, yes.

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