Donald Trump finally got his wish that he has been adamantly voicing since 2016 that the FBI confiscate classified documents being held in outside, unsecured places.

Opinion | Dystopian nightmare! FBI obtains warrant, conducts search!-

"So there are five people taking the Fifth Amendment. Like you see on the mob, right? You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”
-Donald Trump (2016)

Republicans have had ONE message for last 7 years: The mishandling of classified material must end with somebody being "locked up."

Extortion? Money laundering? Violent coup? Doesn't matter. Mishandling classified docs is the only consequential crime.

Today? Poof, it's gone.

@TonyStark Seriously, there’s nothing he could say that makes him look more guilty.

I'm reading one indignant Trump loyalist comment after another complaining that this event is "unprecedented."

Not one of them seems to appreciate that the fact that it's never been necessary for the FBI to search the property of a ex-president before now is a good thing. Guess they're in too much of a snit to be thinking about that.

If they had any sense, they'd be distancing themselves as far as possible and being quiet. Because their current reaction indicates that what the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago is devastating.

Trump World hasn’t thought through its ‘planted evidence’ claim-

The carried interest provision was meant to raise only $13 billion, which is less than 5% of the overall Inflation Reduction Act bill. So this won't be expected to tank the prospects or blow up the math of the overall bill.

Get this done, Dems. Let’s see Senate passage this weekend, then the House next week, and finally off to the President’s desk to sign.

Is it enough? No, but, it’s still the Democrats getting something real done again…week after week.

With Senators Manchin and Sinema both on board, the U.S. has a very real chance of getting our biggest national climate package ever codified into law, in addition to expanding health care and taxing corporations.

It's go time. Help make sure every Democrat in Congress votes for the .

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema signs off on Democrats’ big agenda bill, paving the way for Senate passage-

Republicans are a sick group of people who are clearly pushing for a white Christian nationalist fascist country. They are not hiding it any longer and are clear about their intentions.

If Pol Pot were still alive, they’d be welcoming him to CPAC and roaring with approval. The love U.S. rightwingers have for foreign despots and dictators is matched only by their hatred for the U.S.A. and democracy.

Hungary's autocratic leader tells U.S. conservatives to join his culture war:
Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán, who has suppressed civil liberties and intimidated media and corporate critics, kicked off the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

Rightwing Christians feel their influence waning and are desperate to hold on to influence so they'd rather go dictator over American democracy. Please mind your own business, Christian nationalists, and leave the rest of us alone. No one will keep you from your superstitions.

They can change their language for a couple of months, but we all know what their plan really is. Abortion bans and more abortion bans.

Kavanaugh and Gorsuch both said they "respected" the weight of legal precedent relative to Roe v. Wade in their Senate confirmation hearings — and look how that turned out.

Ssme thing with Republicans who say they respect the rights of women and then vote against them.

We're not falling for that.

528,000 jobs added.

Total unemployment at 3.5%, a 50 year low.

12 U.S. states have unemployment rates under 3%.

911 terrorist deleted.

CHIPS Act passed.

PACT Act passed expanding care for Veterans.

Inflation Reduction Act in progress.

Gas prices at 53 day low and dropping.

Kansas protects women’s right to choose.

Democrats and Joe Biden, take credit.

And go ahead, Republicans! Take credit for :

Supporting forced births.

The higher number of American Covid deaths.


Making it harder to vote.

Climate change inaction.

Failed coup and ongoing coverup.

Loving Putin and Orban.

Hating LGBTQ people.

Destroying education.

Party hacks legislating from the bench.

Trying hard to do away with democracy.

Payrolls increased 528,000 in July, much better than expected in a sign of strength for jobs market-

I'm so happy to see this. Alex Jones is perhaps the most morally repugnant figure in public life in my lifetime, bar Trump. I hope the remaining lawsuits utterly destroy the business empire he built on the backs of the murdered children's families he called "crisis actors," and I hope further families victimized by his evil grift to his gullible and violent base who haven't already taken him to court clean out what's left after that.

A jury tags Alex Jones with $45.2 million in punitive damages for 2 Sandy Hook parents-

What happened in Kansas?

More than 900,000 people voted on a proposed constitutional amendment to remove abortion protections. That’s more than 25% more votes than were cast in the state’s Republican and Democratic Senate primaries. It's about two-thirds of the number of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s a stunningly high level of voting for a measure put on the ballot in August, or really any ballot measure at all.

This wasn’t just a pro-choice win. It was a drubbing. Biden lost KS by 9 points. Pro-choice may win by 20 points.

Thanks to all Kansans who wemt door-to-door, everyone who wrote postcards to get information out and encourage turnout, and to all Kansans who voted ‘no.’ This is a huge deal.

Get out the vote efforts are important. Voting is important.

Opinion | Kansas just gave forced-birth zealots a reason to be very afraid:
The Dobbs backlash is real.

State legislatures in red states are fighting over themselves to be the most reactionary. But when the PEOPLE vote, you get a different result. Message sent.

@MJ @TonyStark
Ah, the roar of a sea of angry voters. May that sound only grow louder in the ears of Republicans come November. 🌊

Raising taxes on working people while cutting the benefits they’ve been paying into for years. That’s the GOP. Has been for a long time.

Wisconsin can discontinue its option with Ron Johnson this fall. He may need Social Security.

Sen. Johnson suggests ending Medicare, Social Security as mandatory spending programs-

By far the most appalling part of this is that all these people knew that Trump had lost and took steps to move forward with the scheme in spite of it. Even worse they are still amplifying these proven lies in order to satisfy the members of Trump’s cult.

MI-3 is not likely to flip to Democrats, so having Peter Meijer, who did not think the election was stolen in the seat is better than the reactionary who will replace him.

But that's not the most interesting part of this profile of Meijer, who lost his primary last night.

At the end, the writer describes how, late on January 6th, Meijer was talking to a shaken colleague in the Capitol. The unnamed Republican knew Biden's election was legitimate, but voted not to certify it because he was afraid of the insurrectionists.

The Republican Party is full of cowards who should never be allowed to be in charge of anything. They are doing their best to chase out the ten people unafraid of TFG, and keeping around people who would rather live under mob rule than do what's right.

What's frustrating is that when you leave parties out of it, Dems major policy goals poll very well.

Gun control, taxes, climate change, abortion, LGBTQ rights, etc.

However at the polls the results don't match the support for their policies. We need to change that, and that's definitely an understatement.

If you dial 1-877-SHE-HULK you get a recording of Jen Walters and a co-worker trying to set the e-mail greeting of the Superhero Defense Dept at her law firm.

I love when Marvel does these little easter eggs.

"Protecting the rights of Superheroes, so they can protect everyone else."

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