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Non-competes are anti-workers’ rights.

Estimates are that about 30 million U.S. workers, many of them in low-wage jobs, would have better career opportunities, higher wages, and better benefits and working conditions with this rule in effect The FTC is asking for public comments through March 20. Please submit a comment in favor of this rule. :CTA:


Top George Santos Donors “Don’t Seem to Exist,” According to Investigation - Truthout


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If you want a response to any of these comments, see my general FAQ page:

🔹 “There are never any consequences!”

🔹“The consequences haven’t been harsh enough and that’s why Republicans keep committing crimes.”

🔹 “At least while they are in jail, they can’t commit any crimes.”

🔹 “If all lawbreakers are not brought to justice, it means rule of law in America is dead.”



🔹 “Using just the evidence available through public reporting there is enough evidence to convict Trump.”

🔹“The process takes too long which shows that the system is hopelessly broken.”

🔹“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.”

🔹“At least indicting Trump would provide some very solid schadenfreude.”

🔹“The entire system is corrupt. Just look at _______ (example).”

🔹“Trump has been committing crimes all of his life. Anyone else would have been in prison by now.”

🔹“Just lock him up already.”


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🔹 “Stop saying that we have a political problem. We have a law enforcement problem."

🔹"Committing crimes is always wrong and anyone who breaks the law should be punished harshly.”

🔹“You can’t go by the book when the book is burning” or
“Democrats / the DOJ is bringing a knife to a gunfight.”

🔹"Nothing else matters if Trump is not indicted."

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I wrote this page because I get the same comments repeatedly and I get a bit testy.😉


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Some highlights from the accompanying document ...


ADDRESSES: Interested parties may file a comment online or on paper by following the instructions in the Request for Comment part of the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section below.

***Write “Non-Compete Clause Rulemaking, Matter No. P201200” on your comment, and file your comment online at regulations.gov, by following the instructions on the web-based form.

If you prefer to file your comment on paper, mail your comment to the following address: Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Secretary, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite CC-5610 (Annex C), Washington, DC 20580.

Let's just call this out for what it is. A certain segment of our population can't abide the notion that education might inspire a broader perspective. That might encourage more compassion and understanding and undermine fear and the resulting dehumanization and cruelty.

Understanding and empathy for others interferes with their power.

People like Ron DeSantis are anti-democratic, anti-society, and must be forcefully challenged and opposed.

Erasing Black History Is Not the Role of the College Board-


We must fight the Republican agenda. They have been trying to undermine democracy for decades.
Exerpt from The Educational Legacy of Ronald Reagan by Gary K. Clabaugh:
“ Once elected, Mr. Reagan
• called for an end to free tuition for state college and university students
• demanded 20 percent cuts in higher education funding
• repeatedly slashed funds for state campuses
• engineering the firing of Clark Kerr, the highly respected presi-
dent of the University of California
• declaring that the state “should not subsidize intellectual curiosity”
“He called protesting students “brats,” “freaks,” and “cowardly fascists.” And when it came to “restoring order” on unruly campuses he observed,“If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement!”Days later four Kent State students were shot to death during a protest rally. In the aftermath Mr. Reagan declared his remark was only a “figure of speech.” He added that anyone who was upset by it was “neurotic.”

@Lowie It goes back that far and then some.

The sole agenda of the GOP has for decades been to facilitate the redistribution of wealth into their owners' pockets. Beyond tax cuts and removing legislative and regulatory barriers to greed, it means eliminating anything that benefits the whole of society.

This agenda is difficult to sell to the millions of people the party needs to consistently and enthusiastically vote against their own interests.

Trump only made explicit the bigotry, racism, homophobia, and general hatred that was always implicit in the culture wars. Plenty of Republicans are making it worse now.


Agreed. These people and policies are the result of controlled propaganda and elitism. Education became achieved by the rich white only. The rest were considered their ‘tools’ to use as needed.
Trump, DeSantis, Santos, MTG, Jordan, etc etc are products of this. And the gloves are off.

Good thing we are smarter regardless 🤣

@TonyStark Press calls him a less bad Trump when he’s worse and more like Putin. I’d love to think he has no national chance but look around.

Stoking division and removing empathy for others along with suppressing education is fascist.


We all laughed at Trump but nobody was still laughing later. DeSantis clearly believes he can also govern 49 other states if he can stoke up enough outrage. The billionaires know Dolt 45 is history but would love this horrible man to be their No. 47 enabler.

2 years of Biden and Democrats-

The American Rescue Plan.

Infrastructure Law.

The CHIPS Act.

The PACT Act.

Inflation Reduction Act - including addressing Rx drug pricing and the single largest investment in climate and energy in American history.

Gun safety legislation.

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

Juneteenth National Independence Day Act.

Good jobs numbers.

Low unemployment.

Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords.

NATO strengthened.

Support for Ukraine.

College debt relief.

Diverse, fair justices appointed to federal courts and the Supreme Court.

And a lot more.
A few weeks of Republicans:

Op-Ed: House Republicans' first order of business: Balloon the $31-trillion national debt-

@TonyStark it is always with a sense of relief when I read a listing of this administrations accomplishments. It is so nice to have a real commander in chief at the wheel calmly leading the way. Thank you

Josh Shapiro was an impressive candidate because he is an impressive person who cares about the needs of all Pennsylvanians.

Shapiro made a big effort to listen to and work with people regardless of their personal politics long before he ran for governor. That paid off for him but also for Pennsylvania. He’s a rising star that we Democrats can count on now and for future higher political office and is just the kind of leader we need.

Something Very Important for Democrats Just Happened in Pennsylvania-


Democrats want to govern; they want to pass legislation and take action to improve people's lives. He sounds great.

Curious about how election polls work? Check out this NPR podcast to learn all about the science of polling. ow.ly/r9iP50MCTgV

Democrats didn’t remove any Republican house member from a committee for any reason other than the Republican promoting violence on social media after January 6 toward other sitting members and none of them ever recanted.

Anything on the GOP agenda about policing reform, taxes, healthcare, infrastructure, their sacred economy, etc?

McCarthy is a weak, juvenile, petty and hypocritical politician, who caves at any flinch from the hard-core right-wingers who own him. More pathetic political revenge from a Republican party that has no desire (or idea how) to govern or do anything for the American people.

The Republicans’ case against Ilhan Omar was wrong, but successful-

In other words, Mrs. Roberts is helping to staff high profile corporate law firms with high profile lawyers who will be arguing in various federal courts - including the Supreme Court and in front of Chief Justice John Roberts - that the very rich corporations that they represent are *not* violating anti-trust laws and should be allowed to continue monopolization and restraint of trade.

And Chief Justice John Roberts would be more than happy to rule in favor of more unbridled corporate power and monopoly as we’ve seen repeatedly. The complete collapse and absence of ethics and basic rules and the elevation of glaring conflicts like this destroy court legitimacy.

This is what you get when Republicans get into higher office: neo-feudalism.


This is some hinky ass bullshit. Just how many of the Justices' spouses are using their position on the bench to make money or push the agendas of conservatives& corporations?!

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