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Hey, Mastodon friends-

@MJ and I are taking a little social media vacation. There's nowhere to go far from home during a pandemic, but we're going to take a little break at real home.

See you soon! :SpiderMan:

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Where I work, wish me and our students luck<Sighs> I’m vaccinated but choosing not to be that one guy at the office to mask up.

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There's a kid quoted in this article. They're always the ones that get left out. Kids don't have a problem with masks. They want a safe school environment and not to infect their friends, parents, or grandparents.

The non-masker parents are putting their own selfish political bullshit over the physical and mental health of their own kids and the kids of people in their communities.

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@TonyStark Yes Mr. Stark. A good portion of the school community are vaccinated. It’s still a big experiment to see how this works. I’m betting four weeks after all students return before it all collapses again.
Stay tuned, I may ask to borrow Rogers’ mech suit yet…

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According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the White House.

The more the virus spreads, the more it has "ample opportunity" to mutate, Fauci said.

If the U.S. does not get control over community spread of the delta COVID variant, the nation will continue to see more variants that evade the protection of the vaccines.

From ABC News:

Fauci: US 'may sooner or later get another variant'

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We all need to be behind Biden and help push for electric vehicles.It will help reduce emissions and hopefully slow down global warming.

"Biden, in a Push to Phase Out Gas Cars, to Tighten Pollution Rules

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Covid-19 latest updates: Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine is 93 percent effective six months after full vaccination.

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I recently bought an EV. I love it. Quiet, fast (as in 0 to 60 in 4 seconds) and I can say goodbye to oil changes and fumes. Zero tailpipe emissions. No more gas. However, I know I am fortunate to be able to afford it and have a place to easily charge it at home.

I am convinced that if given a chance to drive one, and if they were more affordable which they will be as the market grows and more used EVs are available, more and more people will want one. (Though I see plenty of people of modest means driving around $70k pickup trucks, so maybe this isn't as much of an issue.)

The charging network is getting better by the day.

Virtually all of the major car companies are making multi-billion dollar capital investments in EVs. Biden is smart to want the US to be worldwide leaders. Hundreds of thousands of jobs come with that, along with preserving the planet.

Biden pushes for electric vehicles to make up half of U.S. auto sales by 2030-

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"We have got to act," U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a CNBC interview. "This goal of getting half of our new vehicles to be electric within the decade is going to be urgently needed for us to meet the imperative of climate in our time."

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A critical ocean system may be heading for collapse due to , study finds

Studies of ancient climate change show that a shutdown of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation could lead to wild temperature swings and major shifts in global weather systems.

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@jlio It's some Brave New World newspeak, like Right To Work (for less money than if your workplace was unionized). Freedom to kill your relatives. Freedom to be hospitalized, if there's a bed for you. @TonyStark

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Perhaps the administration at an institution that named its law school for Antonin Scalia should not be surprised to face a lawsuit over the “freedom” to infect others with a deadly illness.

They will lose. Multiple judges have found that employers may require vaccination as a condition of employment.

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Unless the law professor has the same objection to other vaccinations that have been required for decades at universities, the judge should throw the suit out.

There is also this:

Jacobson v. Massachusetts -

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Texas Governor Abbott wants to call another special session to try to force Democratic state legislators to allow the gutting of the voting rights of their constituents?

I suspect this will be the response of the Democrats.

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$25.6 billion/year ($256 billion over 10 years) against a current deficit of $3 TRILLION is less than a 1% increase in the annual deficit.

Seems worth it, especially since borrowing costs are still close to zero. And eventually we will stop the insanity and put the top tax rates back where they were in 2016, or maybe even 2000. That will easily cover $25.6 billion/year.

Going after rhe tax cheats that Republicans refuse to crack down on that was included in the Democrats' version of the bill would also help.

CBO Sees Infrastructure Bill Widening Budget Gap by $256 Billion -

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We should quit subsidizing fossil fuels and force carbon polluters to pay the real costs associated with their product. The marketplace shift to would be quick.

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It would be the height of hypocrisy for any Republican congressperson to scream “deficit” after adding to it by giving large tax breaks to the wealthy.

So we'll expect it soon.

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If only Exxon scientists hadn't been muzzled for decades by a company deliberately trying to spread disinformation in order to protect their bottom line.

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More outlets are talking about this Agent Hill. Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Russia are the models. The GOP are showing us their plan.

“Carlson is not ignoring Orban’s iron hand. For him, the repression is the very allure.”

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DeSantis throws bizarre tantrums instead of leading. His state is teeming with Covid cases and his priority is helping it spread. To kids.

He lied about what President Biden actually said about state governors needing to help ot get out of the way and blames everything and everyone but himself for his utter failure as a governor during a crisis.

Florida residents are paying the price for his arrogance and selfishness. Schools should defy his ignorance.

Since he thinks Covid protocols are an infringement on "freedom", DeSantis should volunteer at a Florida hospital full of Covid patients and see what an infringement on freedom really looks like.

Some Florida school districts push ahead with mask mandates, defying DeSantis’s threat to cut funds-

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