Same tactics as Conservatives in the UK. It's like they are singing from the same hymn sheet.

@Melinda I’ve heard that. It sure seems that way. You wonder who influences who and where it comes from.

@TonyStark And this fool right here? Is Dangerous. You damn right...

It's not a done deal in the least.


@TonyStark The EXACT Same on this side of the pond, where they're making cuts For the Rich...

And fuck all for poor people. And calling it a win, why the pound drops to it's all time low. It's disgusting.


@brothersoul Sorry to hear it.

The last administration over here was known for that. And a few more.

A small percentage of people hold almost everything. It’s unsustainable on every level.

Oz does not want to talk policy, because he would lose.

Oz also doesn't know the people of Pennsylvania and it really shows.

Dr. Oz peddled green coffee extract on TV as a “magic weight loss cure” and raspberry ketone as “the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

The hallmark feature of both supplements was to enlarge Dr. Oz's bank account while shrinking the bank accounts of people he took advantage of.

Dr. Oz is also a fake resident of Pennsylvania as most Pennsylvanians know.

John Fetterman is an AmeriCorps volunteer, has a Master's Degree in Public Policy, was a long-time mayor of Braddock, PA, and is the current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Fetterman is a well qualified public servant. Dr. Oz is a fraud.

The Fetterman campaign probably should just hire Dr. Oz. His comments sure make him sound like he really wants to vote for the guy. :fetterman2:

The Fetterman Campaign Should Just Hire Dr. Oz-


Fetterman is one hundred percent focused on every Pennsylvanian and their wellbeing from education to healthcare to infrastructure to wages to public safety. There is no daylight between how he will vote and if those votes will benefit the majority of Pennsylvanians.
Since Oz isn’t a Pennsylvanian, maybe he doesn’t know that but he sure does seem like a 😂:fetterman: :fetterman2: :fetterman: :fetterman2: :fetterman: :fetterman2:

@TonyStark I have to say I really don’t understand all the fuss about his clothes. It’s not like a person can’t wear a hoodie and then wear a suit when it’s appropriate and not get things done. Just saying. 😅

"The median score on the structural racism index for Republicans is 0.67, compared with 0.45 for independents and 0.27 for Democrats.”

Put differently, Republicans are much more likely to buy into the notion that white people are victims.

The poll also found that the religious group that makes up the core of today’s GOP and MAGA movement has the highest structural racism measure among the demographics it surveyed: “White evangelical Protestants have the highest median score, at 0.64, while Latter-day Saints, white Catholics, and white mainline Protestants each have a median of 0.55. By contrast, religiously unaffiliated white Americans score 0.33.”

The company you keep says a lot about you.

Opinion | Just how racist is the MAGA movement? This survey measures it.

Give Ted Cruz any opportunity to be a colossal jerk, and he'll reflexively take it.

Ted Cruz votes against bipartisan bill to prevent another Jan. 6-

The only spending cuts Republicans support are benefit cuts. Cost savings aren’t really what they’re looking for.

Fact check: Republican attack ads against Warnock and Kelly mislead about Medicare |

@Nebula Shame on Youngkin and eery other politician using students this way, and good job students for standing up for each other. Trans students directly affected by these policies may be a small minority of school kids, but their classmates understand why speaking up for marginalized groups matters.

The Biden infrastructure plan is sending money to states to put more EV chargers along highways, encouraging purchase and use of electric vehicles.

See one in someone's driveway while you are out canvassing in the next six weeks? There's another talking point.

Even Texas has an EV charger deployment plan. Republican state officials pretend climate change isn't happening, but who wants to pass up federal funds and leave buyers of electric pickup trucks stranded on those long stretches of highway between cities? (I'd ask about Teslas, but Tesla builds its own charging stations since its vehicles have a proprietary charger.)


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