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Hey, Mastodon friends-

@MJ and I are taking a little social media vacation. There's nowhere to go far from home during a pandemic, but we're going to take a little break at real home.

See you soon! :SpiderMan:

"South Africa’s slowing vaccination program also is largely due to a reluctance by its population to get the jab, driven by apathy and the feeling that “things aren’t so bad,” said Gray." "Earlier this month, the South African government said it would delay the delivery of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines because fewer people were being vaccinated."

Even if logistical problems magically disappear and everyone in the whole world is offered the vaccine today, there will still be plenty of people refusing it and spinning off variants. Even here in the good old US of A. So while we need to continue to try to vaccinate everyone who wants it, it’s highly that sending vaccines alone is going to stop covid. We need not only to send them, but engage in a worldwide, cooperative education program, too.

Omicron is seen as another warning sign of how global pandemic controls are only as strong as weakest links:

I'm surprised to hear Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson say (in response to Dana Bash's question) that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should condemn Lauren Boebert and Paul Gosar for their violent rhetoric. That's how low the bar is for Republicans. Saying that violence is wrong is a surprise.

There are fewer true journalists today than there have been.

MSM is all about personalities and popularity. We’re in danger of losing our democracy yet divisive nonsense about the VP goes on.

Journalists need to join Eric Boehlert in calling it out because the coverage of Harris is not only "increasingly condescending" -- it's also increasingly embarrassing to legitimately professional reporters, hosts, and anchors.

They are doing this so come the next election, she'll have lost her power. We need to get ahead of this and we must do it now.

The media's glaring new double standard for first woman VP:

We give away our public treasures to big oil for pennies, while they have lied to us about climate change for years.

It is long past time to change that.


-COVID aid.

-Vaccine distribution.

-Undoing coal ash in our waterways and poisons-on-crops that TFG ordered to be allowed.

-Lowest unemployment claims since 1965.

-Reestablishing good relations with our allies.

-And now charging oil companies higher rates. Would prefer we just stop subsidizing that industry but Republicans keep blocking full progress.

-lower income tax rates coming for middle income folks - FINALLY!

All this in 10 months. Thank you, Joe.

Biden administration seeks to raise the price to drill for oil and gas on public lands:

The Omicron variant was already introduced into Europe (Belgium) by an unvaccinated traveler who returned from a trip to northern Africa and Turkey, so just blocking travel from Africa clearly won't block the variant. 

While it's impossible to say how many people were infected before the person was tested, the odds of that answer being "none" are almost zero, so the Omicron variant is now almost certainly spreading around Europe. It's not hard to imagine it's reached the U.S.

Unvaccinated international travelers are playing essentially the same role as rats during the black plague, constantly bringing the infection to new locations where it can spread. The main difference is that the plague rats had no choice whereas pretty much any adult in Europe or the USA who is unvaccinated is a willing spreader of the pandemic allowing variants to keep being created.

Omicron: Europe's first reported case of new COVID variant has been discovered in Belgium:

@MariaHill If there was a Capitol Police Officer in the area I wish they asked Boebert if she returned CO-04 Rep. Ken Buck’s flag rifle to his DC office before the January 6th attack on the Capitol?
Some slight chance of a Republican primary challenger. The most reasonable Dem dropped out after seeing how red CO-03 stayed after redirecting. This act sells well in 03 and GOP like Buck prefer her driving the clown car.
☕️ 🤨

Disgusting, but not shocking. There's no place for this kind of joke. The Capitol was the site of actual terrorist attacks, by a lot of white nationalists, less than a year ago. The women there looked like Lauren Boebert, not like Ilhan Omar.

One might think that Rep. Boebert wants to be censured so that the can claim to be a victim of the Democrats.

McCarthy won't stand up for what is right, but I appreciate that Kinzinger will. We know he's a decent person though, and unfortunately an endangered species in his party.

There's a constituency for this kind of fringe behavior, but I do hope Boebert's primary opponent beats her.


I applaud those that could care less about shortages of materialistic junk to buy this holiday season.

Thoughtful giving and time with the people I care about mean more to me at this point in life. This doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holidays, but if we're all more thoughtful, we help people less well off, workers, and people who still need necessities.

Something to read and consider.

Stop Shopping:

America needs you to buy less junk.

Those who refuse to be vaccinated because they value their freedom are in fact imposing their dysfunctional will on others. 

The “freedom” to spread COVID is a tyrannical imposition on those that don’t want to be infected. This is an easy call -- like many other things our society and all other societies have developed and come to accept. If you don't want to get a driver's license, it's your choice. But then you can't get behind a steering wheel and drive on a public road. If you don't want to stop smoking, go ahead and light up. But then you can't do it in a restaurant or in a plane or in a train.

Similarly, if you don't want to get the vaccine, it's fine. But then you can't be in a place where other people may breathe your exhaled air. Period.

A flood of covid patients causes ‘almost unmanageable’ strain in Michigan as cases rise nationwide; a flood of mostly unvaccinated covid-19 patients was arriving at emergency departments already packed with people:

@TonyStark I'm so tired of anti-vaxxers straining health care workers. Thr self-centered attitude is almost hard to believe. Almost.

I'm very thankful for our community! Happy Thanksgiving!

@TonyStark Thanks, everyone, at! Happy Thanksgiving!

For all my American friends, have an amazing thanksgiving :blobcathearts:​❤️

I am thankful for you all :blobcatsnuggle:

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

I'm very thankful for my friends here in the Fediverse, especially everyone here in the community who shows up and makes it so special.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing contributions.

Thanks to our friends in other communities who are so kind.

It's appreciated.

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