Of course Youngkin is violating federal and state law by requiring students to be called by the wrong pronouns and use bathrooms inconsistent with their gender identity. The fascist governors like to make trans kids' lives miserable, but even Justice Gorsuch says trans people are covered by sex discrimination laws.

And they're just pronouns, not "preferred pronouns." This article (and so many others) has that terminology wrong. Letting teachers sue because they can't misgender kids is ridiculous. If you can't call a student by the name they request and the pronouns they tell you they use, you have no business in a public school. Go teach in a religious school or something.




Picking at a culture war for personal gain is gross. Leave the kids alone.
It even overrules the parents in some cases. What a load of overreach from another Republican authoritarian.

@SpiderMan @MariaHill The Republicans love bullying kids. Whether it’s Youngkin bullying trans kids or DeSantis ranting at kids with masks on in a pandemic.

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