They pushed and pushed for the special master. Even got the guy they picked. And when he didn't fall in line, but acted like he was supposed to, they want to kick him to the curb. Wow.

Judge spares Trump from having to back up claims of planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago-
Aileen Cannon, who was appointed by the former president, overruled the special master's directive to soon identify any documents allegedly planted by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago.

@TonyStark I have to say I really don’t understand all the fuss about his clothes. It’s not like a person can’t wear a hoodie and then wear a suit when it’s appropriate and not get things done. Just saying. 😅

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark It's not too late! You can register here up to 30 days before the election and we have lots of job openings. 🤣​

@TonyStark Oz at his Bethlehem rally: I live closer to here than Fetterman.

Fetterman at his Bethlehem rally: Because Dr. Oz lives in Jersey!

He thinks Pennsylvanians are dumb. Yeah people usually vote for people from their own part of the state in primaries and if you're running for governor it's smart to have a lieutenant governor from the other side of the state like Shapiro and Davis, but no one from either the Lehigh Valley or Philly is going to be fooled into voting for Oz because he bought a house in a rich Philly suburb. He's a creep who lives in Jersey. No offense to cool people from Jersey.

@phillyaccent @TonyStark
Fellow Pennsylvanian here.

Crudité and 10 bazillion houses aside, voters here are angry that Oz has no policies/solutions to any problems.

Fetterman will be our Senator.

Here’s a take on the dumb health complaints.

John Fetterman Offers Voters Medical Transparency By Ripping Heart Out Of Chest-

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, is an election denier, which is reason enough not to elect her. She also can't read a bill, the most basic requirement for a governor, since she should presumably understand what she is signing into law or vetoing.


How many people, like me, wear business casual (either top only or whole outfit, depending) for a Zoom or in-person meeting and change back into a hoodie and leggings as soon as your meeting is over/you get home? Does Dr. Oz sleep in a suit?



The state that tipped the country over the top and gave us a Democratic president deserves to be represented by two good Democratic senators.

Good job, Republicans. You managed to pick yourselves a candidate who's a downgrade from Pat Toomey. No one should vote for him in November.

@phillyaccent @TonyStark

@MariaHill @Pepper Republicans don’t have anything except being upset about a person who dresses like a normal human.

@MariaHill Yet another person with no relevant experience trying to go straight to an office she’s not qualified for.

By the way, what the fuck is “triple confirming?” If you actually confirm something, which she didn’t, once is good.

Same tactics as Conservatives in the UK. It's like they are singing from the same hymn sheet.

@TonyStark And this fool right here? Is Dangerous. You damn right...

It's not a done deal in the least.


@TonyStark The EXACT Same on this side of the pond, where they're making cuts For the Rich...

And fuck all for poor people. And calling it a win, why the pound drops to it's all time low. It's disgusting.


@Melinda I’ve heard that. It sure seems that way. You wonder who influences who and where it comes from.

@brothersoul Sorry to hear it.

The last administration over here was known for that. And a few more.

A small percentage of people hold almost everything. It’s unsustainable on every level.

Oz does not want to talk policy, because he would lose.

Oz also doesn't know the people of Pennsylvania and it really shows.

Dr. Oz peddled green coffee extract on TV as a “magic weight loss cure” and raspberry ketone as “the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

The hallmark feature of both supplements was to enlarge Dr. Oz's bank account while shrinking the bank accounts of people he took advantage of.

Dr. Oz is also a fake resident of Pennsylvania as most Pennsylvanians know.

John Fetterman is an AmeriCorps volunteer, has a Master's Degree in Public Policy, was a long-time mayor of Braddock, PA, and is the current lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Fetterman is a well qualified public servant. Dr. Oz is a fraud.

The Fetterman campaign probably should just hire Dr. Oz. His comments sure make him sound like he really wants to vote for the guy. :fetterman2:

The Fetterman Campaign Should Just Hire Dr. Oz-

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