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If your political ideology involves beating up people who don't agree with you, count me out.

Well done! It seems not all Republicans have succumbed to the Big Lie.

Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya was told she was competing in the 4x400 relay, a race she did not train for. When she criticized the decision, she was escorted to Haneda Airport to be sent home to Minsk. Tsimanouskaya asked Japanese police for protection as she feared she would be imprisoned. Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko's son runs the country's Olympic Committee.

Today, Poland offered Tsimanouskaya a visa. Her husband and child have fled Belarus.

This was released over 30 years ago, and was one I found haunting as a young teenager. It's about Pinochet's Chile, which fortunately fell in 1980 in a referendum. Lukashenko has been the dictator of Belarus for 27 years, and elections are not free or fair.

People do not want to be thrown in jail if they criticize their government. Not in Chile, not in Belarus, not anywhere. American autocrat wannabes are playing with fire as well.

Long piece; definitely worth the read.

Amazing/disgusting that the same funders and the same chaos agents keep popping up over and over again - but the organizations keep changing their names, to make it look like myriad grassroots groups are unified on this issue.

Everyone should read this article. Care about democracy before it's gone.

“It’s not just about voter suppression. What I’m really worried about is election subversion. Election officials are being put in place who will mess with the count.”

The Big Money Behind the Big Lie | The New Yorker-

Kudos to the elected officials in Maricopa County -- the majority of which are Republicans, including one that defeated a Democrat in that election -- that have opposed the farce from the beginning.

These are responsible Republicans as opposed to the GQP Republicans that are sitting in the Arizona Senate supporting this adolescent nonsense from the former guy.

Arizona audit: Maricopa County, Dominion won't comply with subpoenas-

MARCH was an amazing and inspiring series, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the sequel RUN, from the late, great, Rep John Lewis.

First you MARCH, and then you RUN

John Lewis finished this graphic memoir as he died. He wanted to leave a civil rights ‘road map’ for generations to come.

After people who enjoy living in a democracy discovered that Toyota decision-makers do not share those values, those decision-makers decided to double down

There is a strong correlation between people who value living in a democracy and people who value living on a non-polluted planet. It appears that Toyota decision-makers value neither of these things. They were recently caught continuing to donate to congressional Republicans who support the January 6th insurrectionists after promising to cease those donations. Now the New York Times reports that Toyota is lobbying against fuel-efficient vehicle standards and electric vehicles.

Hybrids seem fairly logical for a number of humans although moving towards full electric will have the least negative environmental impact over the long term.

However, I do not understand why they gambled highly on hydrogen fuel cells. Maybe it was the same humans who think massive grills that take up the entire front end of the car are the wave of the future.

In any case, this is a poor choice. Perhaps they learned it from the tobacco lobby.

irony: a bunch of people were protesting the mask mandate in st louis and got covid

Creating good paying jobs, having safer drinking water, overdue fixes to roads and bridges, and enhanced cyber connectivity are investments America must make now -- especially in an era of low interest loan availability. Thanks, President Biden. Crying crocodile tears about the debt is a worn out GOP ploy that they only use when there's a Democratic President. 

More investment in America is the winning policy for the 2020s. Don't know how anyone can disagree with the improvements listed in this article - all necessary and many way overdue. If you vote against it, how do you tell your constituents that you don't want these improvements for them?

Senate finishing crafting $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal, setting delicate debate in motion:

@TonyStark Trumpists are gonna be so upset that Congress succeeded in doing something for the country.

People who can be vaccinated and refuse: you are the ones ruining the economy. Your refusal to wear masks at the beginning and to do so where you need to now along with your refusal to do the one simple thing that can make a real difference here is the actual thing that's impacting jobs and businesses' abilities to return to some semblance of normal.

For those of us who embrace science, appreciate the fine minds that work to make life safer, who isolated ourselves for 15 months, gave up holiday celebrations with family, wore our masks, made do with what we had until a vaccine was made available, and then got it, thank you.

For the others screaming "freedom", denouncing Fauci and the CDC, sniggering at the medical community, and misusing the First Amendment, you are the cause for this setback.  

You own it.

With new vaccine and mask requirements, businesses scramble to respond to delta variant and shifting health guidance"

United States of Captain America #2

Steve & Sam continue their trek across the country in search of the thieves who stole Steve's shield and are using it to wreaking havoc in his name. Their goal -destroy the symbol &everything it represents, in order to divide the nation.
In Harrisburg PA, they come across another member of the 'Captain America Network'.
Nichelle Wright, a former gymnast star who gave up a promising career to protect her underserved community. Inspired by Isaiah Bradley, she dons the suit to fight for those she sees as ignored or forgotten.
Activist by day, vigilante by night, she fights against racist cops, uncaring politicians, &bullies to make her city safe for all.
But she can't do it alone as her B-story shows. An entire support network has rallied itself around her &the symbol of America that she embodies.

An excellent follow-up to the first volume, and highly recommended!

Look for it in your LCS or read online:

My family and friends have ALL done our part without any of the incessant whining…masked up, distanced, and first to put up our hands to get vaccinated. We’re fully vaccinated and ready to get on with life.

I and everyone I know are so freaking tired of these idiotic morons who refuse.

We have a lot on the this week!
Many states and cities are holding These are a chance to make sure the best candidates make it to the November ballot!

Tucson has a Municipal Primary Election

Both Wichita and Topeka, have Primary Elections.

There's a Special Primary for State Senate in Districts 8 & 28
also has Municipal Primaries in both Detroit and Lansing.

There's a statewide in for the St. Louis Community College District.

has Congressional District special primary elections in both Districts 11 & 15

Finally, a Primary Election for state.

Check out your State Election site to know who's on the ballot. Look into the candidates and make an informed vote.

Freedom's just another word for "I don't care if I infect other people."

It's not just Florida doctors. It's all doctors who understand this danger. It's all people who understand this danger.

Florida doctors are ‘angry and ashamed’ at governor Ron DeSantis as state becomes national Covid epicenter |

This infrastructure bill will help the entire country! Thank you, President Biden!

It's absurd& tiresome to be at the mercy of these fools who refuse to vaccinate. The rest of us have all done our part, and these anti-vaxxers are holding us back whilst screaming their latest mashup of politicalized disinfo.

I just tried to talk to a co-worker yesterday who still swears (despite all the evidence I showed her on the CDC& WHO websites) that the vaccination contains live virus& you can catch C-19 from the shot. (It doesn't, you can't)

Granted this is the same girl who swears that applewood bacon is vegetarian because it's made with apples, so you see what I'm up against. huge facepalm

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