Originally indicted for two felonies, then pled down to a small fine, doesn't seem like justice served. Not at all.

St. Louis gun-waving couple pleads guilty to misdemeanors-


White people who threatens innocent people with firearms and brags about it later: Fine ranging between $750-2000, no jail time.

Black person who reaches for wallet in compliance with police order to show ID: Shot dead. (Tragically, I could go on.)

So, yeah.


@TonyStark @SteveRogers
Exactly if they were black & did that. They'd be dead, instead they get off with a slap on the wrist.


According to the article. Judge David Mason during Thursday’s hearing asked Mark McCloskey if he acknowledged that his actions put people at risk of personal injury. He replied, “I sure did your honor.”
After the hearing, from the courthouse steps in downtown St. Louis, he said, “I’d do it again.”

Mark McCloskey, announced in May that he was running for a U.S. Senate seat in Missouri.

This belligerent son of a bitch, should never be allowed to hold an office in congress, yet alone ever own a gun.

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