It sure sounds like these policies are going to work despite all the naysayers.

Delta Air Lines official says 4,000 unvaccinated employees got shots after surcharge announcement |

When mask mandates and social distancing rules went in, a large swath of the MAGA crowd went nuts, complaining that it was ruining the economy and taking away their freedom. They stuck with that throughout 2020.

Now that we have vaccines and a path to normal, they oppose getting the shot. They claim to be patriots but their decisions are a drain on on our economy, our hospital systems and are preventing everyone else from returning to some kind of normality. They want freedom, at the cost of everyone else's, and they want it without any responsibility.


One of the sick aspects of all this is that Republican leaders who troll this process are, by and large, vaccinated themselves. They would feed their own supporters into a wood chipper if that served their political goals. They are actively, willfully, getting thousands of Americans killed.


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