She speaks for thousands of poll workers, election administrators, and volunteers who've been denigrated and attacked since the 2020 elections for simply doing their jobs for democracy.

it’s a legitimate shame. They deserve our appreciation, higher pay, and to work confident in their safety.

Because the point of these attacks is to:

1) Sow distrust in all election systems and 2) Install loyal soldiers that will override results Republicans don't like.

Republican actions are strategic. They’ve focused on judges and getting state majorities for decades. Now they’re taking it next-level. Many of us have local elections on November 2nd. If you haven't already voted, make your plan and vote. We can't let this continue.

Trump won Hood County in a landslide. His supporters still hounded the elections administrator until she resigned:


Sad state of affairs, this is. I don't blame anyone who goes and the behavior she faced is despicable.

There are poll worker shortages now, which is sad. They do need protected better and should be able to work unharmed and unharrassed.

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