This was the same issue with Obamacare. They *hated* Obamacare. But they *loved* the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Even with the staunchest of Republicans, if you go issue by issue, you find out a lot of them should be Democrats. Especially on the economic issues.

Yes, we should pass this as Democrats. But Republicans shouldn't keep getting a free pass for trashing what's going to benefit the people.

The uninformed nature of our a lot of our electorate isn't a positive.

It's on us to keep reminding people of all good Democrats are doing and all the ways Republicans are standing in the way.

@SteveRogers Sargent quotes pollster Sean McElwee pointing out that the parts in the bills that would help non-college-educated white people most are the ones on the chopping block. If these voters (presumably the swing voting ones, not the ones who will never vote for Democrats, though because we are good people, we want even Republicans to have nice things like vision and dental care) don't see benefits, we'll lose their votes. Consider that, Manchin and Sinema and whoever in the House might be dickering over it.

Not mentioned is that these provisions will <em>also</em> help the rest of the working class and a lot of middle class people who aren't white. It's not just white people who have trouble affording vision and dental and hearing care when they get old or disabled. It's everyone. Not passing these benefits hurts everyone who can't just pony up $400 for a pair of glasses or $2000 for a hearing aid or a minimum of $100 twice a year to the dentist if you don't have insurance.

To agree, most people cannot afford all of that. So most people should and do support those providers.

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