202 Republicans voted to let this slide.  Only 9 voted to uphold the contempt.  This is from a party who spent 28 months investigating Hillary Clinton. And they just want a mulligan for attacking our Capital. 

What a bunch of BS. 

Dems overcome GOP opposition, vote to hold Bannon in contempt-

"House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested yesterday that he doesn't even consider the Jan. 6 committee that issued the subpoena to be a "real" committee."

You had chances, McCarthy, and you blew them all. You could have had a bipartisan commission, but you blew it. You could have named legitimate non-surrectionist Republicans to the select committee, but you blew it.

Even after blowing all your chances, two Republicans are still on the select committee, McCarthy. How do you not notice that?

@TonyStark @SteveRogers
Not content with an insurrection at the Capitol, now the Retrumplicans want to make sure every school board meeting can be assaulted by MAGA storm troopers.  


The party will do their best to run those nine out. Can't have democracy supporters in the Republican Party, not in 2021 or 2022.


@SteveRogers CO-04 Rep. Ken Buck was not one of the nine. Just saying.

@SteveRogers It's disgraceful yet right on brand for Republicans. Like Adam Shiff, I was pleasantly surprised to see that 9 actually voted to uphold it.

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