If you want things to change, one way to do that is help vote Republicans out.

Vote Forward, my favorite letter-writing, election winning organization, is bringing back "The Big Send"—their biggest letter writing program of the year—with a goal of sending 10 million letters to voters ahead of the midterm elections this fall.

These letters are easy—print them up, write a couple of lines about why you vote, address them, and hold them until the Big Send date in October. Studies show they boost turnout by .8%, which in electoral terms is big.

But VF needs more writers.

If you’ve done this before, please go to your dashboard and adopt even 5 letters. If you haven’t, there’s a sign up page.

Also, to kick off the return of The Big Send, Vote Forward is hosting a virtual letter writing event on May 12 at 8pm ET/5pm PT. It’ll be a fun way to learn about what they do, have the letters explained to you, and see how many others are writing them.

Sign up here. :CTA:


The Vote Forward letters are great because you can start now and pile them up for October so you're not rushing. Even 5 helps!

@AgentCarter_SSR @SteveRogers @TonyStark I did that for 2020. Will likely do that again, thanks for the reminder! Asking folks here who would probably know - would it help to hear from permanent residents who can't vote yet?

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