U.S. news media are addicted to high gas prices stories. It takes no effort and generates rage clicks. They never even mention that despite the increases, the U.S. still has gas prices that are at the lowest of any western democracy (they could also run stories on not buying so many gas guzzlers or switching to hybrids/EVs.)

It would be great if the media would provide context like this on the causes of both inflation and gas prices so we don't end up losing our democracy in the next election. The constant "look how high the gas prices are!!!" with no framing is useless.

People need to look at the real causes and some need to look at their practices. If you don't need to drive all over, don't. Prices will come down for people who really need to get to work or a hospital.

This stuff is temporary. People losing their rights to self determination won't be easy to fix, despite all the people who want us to believe it.

Opinion | $5 gas is largely Putin’s fault-


It's simple. Do Americans want a voice in deciding who we choose to address critical issues? Or, will we cynically allow global inflation to convince us to foolishly empower an anti-democratic GOP to control all matters without accountability to the people?

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