In this chilling picture, the most bizarre thing is how Thiel, Masters, etc., seem completely unaware of the world’s long history of real murderous dictatorships.

While the rest of us contemplate a long list of actual would-be-saviors-turned-tyrants, right-wingers imagine some sort of mythological king who will suspend democracy just the right amount that suits them. No more, no less. It doesn't work that way.

A venture capitalist for U.S. Senate? What could possibly go wrong?

No matter how much the GOP tries to push the idea, government is not a for-profit game. It is about making a livable, workable society for everyone. Nothing in Blake Masters’ background makes him even remotely qualified to be a U.S. Senator. Betting that Arizona will use reason in November and re-elect Mark Kelly.

Blake Masters’s Arizona Win Gets Thiel Another Senate Candidate-

@TonyStark Masters thinks the US government should adopt bitcoin, which, here's a shocker, he invested in.

I'm sure Arizonans want a grifter who isn't that into democracy. /s

They seem to be pretty happy with Sen. Kelly.



"Like Vance, Masters promoted a version of the racist Great Replacement conspiracy theory, claiming that Democrats were deliberately trying to “import” immigrants in an attempt to “replace Americans who were born here.”

Don't let either of those 2 in.


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