Remember when Ashley Parker was a columnist you could take seriously?

We should all be pushing for better gun control, but I happen to know it isn't Democrats blocking legislation across the country and filling lawsuits against it where it does exist.

@Sunspot Did she even read what she wrote?

Four Republicans voted for Toomey-Manchin. Five Democrats voted against it including Reid (for the procedural reason that only a senator who votes nay on a bill can bring it up again). I'm not seeing how, in a 55-45 Democratic Senate, this is the fault of the Democrats, unless you want to blame Democrats for not doing away with the filibuster i 2013, in which case we still wouldn't have a national gun registry because we didn't have the 50 Democrats plus Kamala Harris I hope we'll have on January 3, 2023. We had Manchin, Max Bachus (GA), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Mark Begich (AK), and Max Pryor (AR) among those Democrats. Without them, we wouldn't have the ACA. We almost didn't, thanks to Joe Lieberman (D-Aetna). Like Manchin, we needed them for a lot of votes. But we couldn't them for every vote, even if we could get Toomey, McCain, Collins, and Kirk for some limited background checks.

Blaming Biden, who was then Vice President, is a stretch.

She either didn't read it or didn't understand it, or read it and didn't care.

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