People want to control their own bodies and their own lives. It's ironic that now it's Democrats who are talking about freedoms when that has been the right wing mantra, but it has been Republicans who have wanted to control people all along. They have just been unmasked.

Losing Roe is not something any of us wanted. It is costing lives. It is causing pain. We didn't want any of the girls, women, or any one else who has an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy to suffer so that we can get better laws for the rest of us.

So that the suffering ends as quickly as possible and everyone can control our futures, people will vote for Democrats this fall. Abortion may be the issue on the forefront, but Republicans decided to give themselves a second shot in the foot by hurting veterans.

Americans tend to have short political memories, but not this time and not six months short.


The anti-choice people are really misreading the room. They have done more to hurt their cause, their religion and their politics than any of them seem to understand. With polling overwhelmingly against them, the right move for Republicans would have been to stay humble and extend a hand of compromise. But no.

It's going to come back on them for a long, long time.

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