Here’s another in my ongoing series on the fact that Latino voters are not leaving the Democrats in droves despite what lots of frantic reporters tried to claim going into the midterms.

@AmerLiberal Florida itself has become more conservative due to people coming here from conservative places. Honestly, I’d wish people would stop coming. The environment, waterways, beaches, and forests are being ruined and not much will be left in a couple of decades or less.

Anyway, it’s become attractive for conservatives (who don’t conserve anything anyway. More like right wingers) and then you add in gerrymandering. A mess.

That’s just my thoughts as someone who came here when it was Democratic as an immigrant and now have kids growing up. I’d like to hear yours, too.

@Sunspot @AmerLiberal I live on the I-4 corridor in Polk County. While it's very red here now, I suspect that will begin to change in the coming years.

I suspect that the demographics of red transplants will show that they only have a few election cycles left in them. Many of my MAGAt neighbors are now elderly & returning to points north to live with their children because they can no longer live by themselves.

I on the other hand, am here until Polk Co. carries me off in a giant ziplock bag.

@NetworkElf @AmerLiberal Nice to meet you!

I am very positive on changing our politics here. My family is here and we can’t exactly all pick up and move and I want to leave a better world than I came into.

@Sunspot @AmerLiberal I see bringing my blue vote to red Florida as making another crack in the wall of hatred & racism constructed by the GOP.

I don't always agree with the Democrats, but I never agree with the GOP since their positions are always steeped in misogyny, racism, and just simple hatred of diversity in any form.

@Sunspot It seems to me that a monolithic view of “Latino” people is a major problem for political parties; the diversity in Latin communities is broad and trying to subsume such complexity under a single moniker can be trying to make a monolith out of dynamism.

@brianonbarrington It’s more the media that’s guilty of it in my opinion and it’s something I’ve been posting about a lot recently but that definitely can happen, too.

@Sunspot It does appear though that a sizable number of voters in Florida Latino communities have bought into the lies of the GOP regarding Democrats and Socialism.
Longtime Floridian Dem.

@Sunspot I'm latino and don't know anyone thrilled with the frightwingers.

@elen Good. Nice to meet you, too. Not a person in my network is a right winger.

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