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If you have something to say, do your homework. You have no facts, no link, no science-based information.

Come back to us if you find actual information. List it for us.  Then comment on something concrete.

Otherwise, stop trolling and put a cork in it.

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I've done a good deal of autism research. There is no credible link between vaccines& autism.

As a parent, it was important to me to protect my children from preventable diseases like measles, mumps& rubella.

I'll thank you to take your anti-vaxer bullshit elsewhere.

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@TPol He stated that he would not leave New York City for his entire first year if elected.

Who believes that or moreso, who does that?

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The former guy wouldn't have been elected the first place if the GOP had not been preparing itself for years and years for a deliberate attack on the core of democracy. Most of the time, most of the GOP leadership is organizing unprecedented voter suppression through gerrymandering, oppressive voter ID laws, and roll purges while fighting any principle of social, political and economic justice.

Paul Krugman in this same publication has been warning us of the fascist rise within in the GOP long before the emergence of Trump. As has been said, he's a symptom of disease. The disease itself is so much worse.

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"Republicans need to have more faith in their policies and stop being afraid of a dangerous and diminished man who has divided the country and now divides our party." This is a noble and rational essay, but when I see the word "policies," I just have to ask, "what policies?"

The Republican party has lost whatever ideas it had, especially during the former guy years, when policies ended up being whatever benefited him pesonally. Opposition, culture wars, and name-calling aren't policies. And yet, isn't that the only thing Republicans are comfortable doing?

The days of Republicans who believed in cautious fiscal policy and liberal social values ended with Newt Gringrich in the 90s (if they ever even believed it.) The concept of "humoring" Trump brought us here, where a dangerous demagogue continues to spew lies believed by millions.

This party is over.

My Fellow Republicans, Stop Fearing This Dangerous and Diminished Man nyti.ms/3g6YxWW

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The guy is really, really stupid, but obviously stupid is not illegal among Texas Republican politicians.

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Texas :tx:​ has elections for its next attorney general in 2022. Maybe it should pick one who won't be investigated for misconduct by the Texas bar association.

Every lawyer who goes near the former guy seems to end up being investigated by their state bar association, in addition to the dine-and-dash treatment the former guy gives everyone. You'd think no one would want to represent him at this point. Well, no one who is any good at it does.


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I understand why some parents may have put off well child visits to their pediatricians during the pandemic, but please, PLEASE, make sure you kids are up to date on ALL their vaccinations!

The American Academy of Pediatrics calls on parents to get their children up-to-date on shots before they return to class.

Drop in childhood vaccinations during pandemic may raise risk of other outbreaks when schools reopen, CDC says
By Lena H. Sun



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“When the public pressure is off, departments tend to backslide.” -David Harris, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh

We need to put an end to this cycle. It's too easy for departments to backside into aggressive& racially biased behaviors.

The push to remake policing takes decades, only to begin again.
Police revert to entrenched practices when monitors move on, leadership changes and public scrutiny wanes.
By Robert Klemko and John Sullivan

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Rubio is afraid. He already took to the chirpy site from hell to try and claim she called plans to defund the police "thoughtful."

She spent 27 years in the police department and rose through the ranks to become police chief in Orlando. It's doubtful he would have the guts to say this during a face-to face-debate, which I can't wait to see.

Opinion | Val Demings: ‘Marco Rubio is afraid of a tough fight. I am not.’:

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I don't know if I'd use the word "lucky" but certainly it's better to have him around to pass Covid relief bills, Biden’s Cabinet appointments, let Dems make court appointments, and use reconciliation to pass infrastructure and other bills that will help Americans if need be.

No point in "kicking Manchin to the curb" which I've seen thrown around. No more liberal Democrat is going to win that seat.  His body is useful for holding the majority, but that's it. Keep him around, like a doorstop. 

But FFS, we MUST vote in several other Dems in states like PA, Wisc., Fla., N.C., etc. and make Manchin less powerful. And keep the House. That takes work.

Perspective | Democrats complain about Joe Manchin, but they’re lucky to have him:

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Andrew Yang is in this debate as if he's applying for a job with Starfleet: "If I am assigned to the Enterprise, I will not leave the ship during my first year. This may be the last ship I ever serve on. No shore leave for me, captain!"

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GOP Sen. Capito calls her offer "robust" and said the President didn't accept it.  Robust according to who, Sen. Capito?

The President came down a trillion dollars. Did you bring your numbers up substantially? No. The purpose of this bill is to repair a lot of our crumbling, dangerous, and inadequate infrastructure while providing jobs for thousands of Americans. It would be paid for by corporations and very wealthy people who now pay very little in taxes, unlike the majority of less privileged Americans.

What patriotic American can possibly object to that besides Mitch McConnell and his Republican insurrection caucus? We are a big country. We have a lot to fix. Many of our airports, bridges, ports and roads are an embarrassment. A huge part of our country has no broadband, leaving them behind the rest, to the whole country's detriment. 

Democrats will do it without you if this is your good faith negotiation.

Biden Ends Infrastructure Talks With Republicans:

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Crushing dissent is all the GQP is about.

The ones who don't follow the Cult of the Big Lie should start their own party.

The Georgia Republican Party passed a resolution on Saturday to censure Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) after he refused to act on former President Trump’s false claims of election fraud in the state:

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The bar is incredibly low for Republicans. Acknowledging basic facts makes you a viable candidate.

But the Trumper lost so thanks, New Jersey. Onward to reelecting our great Governor, Phil Murphy.

Trump backers lose big as Ciattarelli claims GOP nomination in N.J.:
Jack Ciattarelli is New Jersey Republicans’ choice to take on Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in November.

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, get your kids 12+ vaccinated. The delta variant is believed to be 40% more transmissible than the alpha (B.1.1.7) variant, and we worried about that one plenty back in March before we were all eligible to get vaccinated. Delta is responsible for 60% of new infections in the UK and 6% in the USA. One dose of the vaccines is only 33% effective, but two doses is 88% effective.

The new naming is to prevent negative associations with the place and people from the place each variant was discovered. Alpha was the first variant under the new system, delta the fourth. (Sorry, science deniers!)

If anyone you know isn't yet vaccinated, Uber and Lyft are still giving free rides.


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