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Maybe election deniers should start rethinking that position a little harder.

‘False, Misleading’ Accusations: Federal Judge Sanctions Kari Lake For Challenging Arizona’s Voting Procedures-

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This "tradition" of keeping mostly white states and always the same states in front is glaringly anti-democratic. Starting with more diverse states that are more representative of America as a whole is a good idea.

South Carolina leads the DNC's proposed new primary calendar :

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Railroads got “more efficient” by cutting jobs and increasing profits for executives.

Railroad workers who still have jobs are now overworked.

Workers can’t have paid sick days because those profit-maximizing executives can’t run the railroads with the skeleton crew they kept on.

Sounds like a management problem, yet they made it a worker problem.

I can’t blame the Senate or the White House for not wanting to crash our whole economy and using their power to make the contract, but this is some unappetizing sausage.


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I found this article useful. Perhaps others will.

The world has seen firsthand where antisemitism leads. It cannot ever be accepted and must always be condemned.


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As we wait for the Supreme Court to decide on this, total loans are not being forgiven: only up to $10,000 or $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients. Most people have a lot more debt, so they will still be paying that back for a long time. The income level for forgiveness is up to $125,000, but the mean (where most people are) is probably down near the average for the U.S, which is not exactly an emerging affluent earner.

Most of us who graduated a couple of decades ago only needed relatively small loans to finance our degrees. But today's students must often borrow staggering amounts of money. Is it "fair" to these students that we chose to stop investing in affordable higher education decades ago?

And what happens when June rolls around?

This 10 or 20K would help a lot of people and hurt no one.

Student Loan Forgiveness: 59% of Borrowers Won’t Be Able to Make Payments Come June-

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Amused to hear Republicans criticize affirmative action.

The American political structure today is basically one giant affirmative action policy in practice, only not for the people who need it, allowing a significant minority of the country (Republicans) to be vastly more overrepresented than they should be in a democracy.

If not for the electoral college, GOP presidential candidates would never win the presidency.

It keeps them in power and they’re afraid of losing it.

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So, let's see. Harvard was established in 1636 and UNC Chapel Hill was established in 1789.

Both of them were founded while Black people were still enslaved and women weren’t allowed to attend. Affirmative Action programs weren't established until the late 60s and early 70s - so essentially for around 55 years.

Now we are to understand that the “High Court” has essentially said that even though these institutions have had 200 to 300 years of institutionalized exclusivity for only white males, if minorities and/or women haven't made up for the difference by now, oh well, time's up. You've had a whole 50 years to catch up and if you haven't, then we're tired of it.

How utterly dismissive and arrogant these folks are. I know we all know it, but it’s also another reminder that

The Supreme Court has no reason to end affirmative action. They’re doing it anyway-

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It's weird how a Senator thinks it's part of his duties to overturn a different state's election results. It's nice that the SCOTUS thinks this is weird, too.

Lindsey Graham must testify in 2020 election probe, Supreme Court rules-
The ruling comes after Graham filed an emergency request to the court arguing that he is shielded from such probes.

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Capitalism has no real interest in the common good, and greeds itself to death cycle by cycle unless kept in check.

That’s the key, keeping it in check, when human and corporate greed knows no satiation.

It’s just another reason why anything Republicans say about their policies fixing inflation or the idea that they can run an economy well is ridiculously, embarrassingly untrue.

Profits soar at food, gas corporations as they raise prices on Americans-

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This election is going to be close. Every last vote matters. So does everything we do now so we can rest easy after all the votes are counted knowing we laid it all on the line.

Last-minute postcards are still going out from Postcards to Voters. Text HELLO to (484) 275-2229.

Go to Mobilize’s “GOTV” heading to see how you can GOTV in your own neighborhood: mobilize.us/events/get-out-the

Text and call your friends to make sure they’re voting (you can use SwipeBlue or write your own message).

Sister District is an organization we talk about a lot here on democracy.town. They have opportunities nationwide that you can get involved with remotely. They concentrate on keeping and flipping close races for Democrats.

Every candidate needs help at the polls right now. I don’t know of a single one that’s got all of their Election Day GOTV volunteer opportunities filled up. Go pitch in!
:gotv: :voteblue:

Sister District & Partners National Phonebank-

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Those folks still don’t even admit Biden won yet. I’m not surprised to find they’ve come up with more goofy stories.

And by the way, it is something to brag about. Biden beat an incumbent President. An incumbent president losing re-election has only happened 10 times in nearly 250 years.

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Dana Milbank's headline about Paul Pelosi and litter boxes seems strange until you read this (although a lot less strange than a lot of what we've seen on news articles rather than opinion pieces at the Post since Sally Buzbee became executive editor). How could they possibly be connected, after all? Did the attack somehow reveal that the Pelosis are secretly cat people?

No, it's about far-right conspiracy theories. There's the one about school kids thinking they are cats and therefore there are litter boxes in schools. (There aren't any. No kid can provide a photo of a person-sized litter box at their school.) There are too many to list in 1000 characters, but read Milbank's list. The latest are about Paul Pelosi.

Repeat a lie enough times and people believe it, so Republicans are trying to ride a wave of lies and conspiracies into office.


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You still know how to make a dramatic entrance!
Looks fabulous! I can't wait for this spring!

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We’re mostly Marvel fans around here but I’m into this one, too.

The Mandalorian | Season 3 Teaser Trailer |

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Ron Johnson is just like your crazy Uncle.
Who has been consumed by Authoritarian Right winged media, yelling at your family dinner.
Except He is a US SENATOR.

This guy Sucks. Wisconsin you can do better.

Vote Mandela Barnes for Senator.

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@SteveRogers @TonyStark

“[Ron Johnson] reversed his stance on the gay marriage bill and has made a series of dismissive, insulting statements in favor of forced birth, suggesting women can just move from Wisconsin if they don’t like the state’s 19th century ban that was triggered when the Supreme Court issued its Dobbs decision. Apparently, it’s no big deal to lose reproductive rights.”

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"Johnson voted against a $35 cap on insulin; against granting the Department of Health and Human Services the power to negotiate with drug companies; and against a $2,000 limit for seniors’ out of pocket drug costs. He also opposed extending Affordable Care Act subsidies that save more than 200,000 Wisconsinites roughly $800 per month."

Way to go, Ron.

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