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People can die from giving birth. Adoption doesn't prevent that.
Does she know how many kids are never adopted?

Is she going to adopt them all? Carry them all to term? What horseshit.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett repeatedly suggested today that the option of giving a baby up for adoption removed the need for abortion:

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It's very informative. Mostly about Puerto Rico, but it's good.

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@TPol learning leads to understanding. Understanding leads to more friends

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@MrSpock @TPol @TonyStark
Can you imagine the damage they would do if Republicans control the federal level in 2023 or after? 800k dead and no abortion rights or probably even healthcare would look like the good old days.

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@TPol @TonyStark I was born a female and at the age of 13 I was raped and got pregnant. We lived in Arizona at the time and they did not allow abortions for any reason. My mom had to take me to California to get an abortion for me. I was too little and not developed enough at the time to safely carry a baby to term. If the GQP have their way it will become hard to get an abortion again and minors who cannot safely bear children will be forced to carry the child to term. They don't think the mom's life is important. After the baby is born they don't care about it either. They the biggest hypocrites

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@phillyaccent Bryn Athyn, the school district with no public schools.

The GOP Senate quack caucus is full up already.

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Oh good, another quack for government emerges. I'll never forgive Oprah for bringing us Mehmet Oz, the guy most likely to endorse horse dewormer as a cure for Covid. Not to mention that bag of noxious hubris, Dr. Phil, whose entire schtick is based on shaming people and tabloid stories. I appreciate her philanthropy but that's where it ends. 

Controversial Dr. Mehmet Oz joins Pennsylvania Senate race:

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@TonyStark I'm just waiting for the Texas legislature to pass and Abbott to sign a law that says that the solar system is neither heliocentric nor geocentric but texocentric. Then no one has to learn anything different. @JonathanMBR

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I'll show my age when I tell you that when I had to pass geography in school, I had to know where Zaire was and there was no separate country of Eritrea to fill in at all on the map of Africa, let alone South Sudan. As a person who knows things about the world, I know that the first is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the other two can be found, and how they became independent. How does the governor of our second most populous state not know where South Africa, a country that has been in the news extensively during his adulthood, is? Even if you know not another thing that has happened on the entire African continent in the past 50 years, you'd have to be completely asleep to not know that significant things have happened in South Africa. Oh, wait.

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Anyone who has the stamina and strength to swim across the ocean like that is a huge asset to our society. We should welcome them with open arms!

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South Africans knows how to swim for a long distance, remember South Africa is surrounded by both Atlantic and Indian Ocean. 😀

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So, another 2nd Amendment enthusiast bought a gun and ended up contributing to the death of 3 kids, the wounding of 8 more, and trauma to who knows how many.

Today's GOP refuses gun control, vaccines, financial help to those in need, climate change regulations, voting rights and common decency. That's not making America great. It's making America awful.

More guns is not and never will be the answer.

Sheriff: Oxford shooting suspect used gun dad bought on Black Friday:

A few weeks ago, several of us were discussing language after a user on another instance disparaged the use of non-binary pronouns and the term "Latinx." I was catching up on podcasts over the weekend and NPR's Code Switch recently had one on Hispanic identity (Hispanic is the word the podcasters chose for the episode) and also the use of the terms Hispanic, Latino, Latina, Latinx, and Latine. I do not belong to this community; however, I appreciate the opportunity to learn.


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@TPol @TonyStark
It is a perverse desire to control women who are faced with unfortunate circumstances. If "life" is central to the pro-life movement, then it has a poor definition of it.

Life does not begin with conception and end with birth. Life is about a child having a safe and happy upbringing. It is about the child having realistic prospects of being successful as an adult in a world of unfair capitalism and widespread preferential allocation of opportunities.

Life is about having excellent health care at all stages of life regardless of income. It is about being safe from gun violence. Life is about being able to retire with an excellent quality of life despite being shortchanged by a lifetime of low-paying jobs and horrible working conditions. The pro-life movement focuses only on a 9-month lifespan and not the potential 98 years afters that. Pro-lifers exert enormous pressure on the mother to take care of the "life" within her but they never support anything beyond it.

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There is so much bad faith in this piece that it almost sounds like parody.

The one undeniable reality that Ms. Fitch doesn't try to pervert:

Wealthy and privileged Republicans (like Ms. Fitch), their daughters, and their mistresses, will always be able to get a safe abortion.

The rest of Mississippi? Not so much, even now.

It also shouldn't be lost on anyone that Mississippi now has the highest per capita death for Covid and retains one of the lowest vaccination rates. There we go again with the "my body, my choice" hypocrisy on the part of Republicans.

The woman who could bring down Roe v. Wade:

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I've protested outside the school board offices. Never threatened anyone. That's not part of the freedom of speech and assembly in the first amendment.

Al Schmidt is a Republican but no one should be threatened and afraid to run again. Yes, we will run Nazis out of Philly if they come here, but that's not how regular Philadelphians treat our elected officials. We've always had some Republicans because we have a city charter that requires minority party representation plus one area keeps reelecting a corrupt Republican. (Though right now one of the minority seats is someone from the Working Families Party but that's pretty new.) Also, those threats could be coming from anywhere because Trump called Schmidt out by name for overseeing a free and fair election.


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@AgentCarter_SSR This is a moronic trend. PA did the same thing, but Gov. Wolf is going to veto it. We're already an open carry state but Republicans want everyone to walk around armed with no background check. I don't live in Texas for a reason, and it's not because I hate the Cowboys.


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The 'Right to Death' party in just passed a gun bill that will make it easier to die rather than safer to live.

Permitless concealed carry.

No background check.

No firearms safety training required.

Removes the requirement to promptly notify law enforcement during a traffic stop of the presence of a weapon. -law enforcement take note that GQP cares as little about your safety as they do for anyone else's.


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@TonyStark @Unhip1@mastodon.online

Gender neutral pronouns are incredibly useful in a language. Putting aside the fact that it is a simple matter of respect to use the proper pronoun when speaking of or addressing someone, gender neutral pronouns allow you to refer to something without assuming the gender of the noun.

However, it is logical to refer to beings as what they prefer to be called. That act is not damaging.

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