Dumb car question... why is there so much pushback against serial hybrids? If it is an issue of sales, sell the EV with some ports and a place to add the IC generator/range extender, and have that dealer installed, or aftermarket?

Until the US grid can handle EVs, our next best bet is going with serial hybrids as a transitory means, to allow people to drive EVs in areas with no access to charging stations, like apartment complexes.

@dfloyd888 I recently changed cars (moved away from a very expensive Mercedes because it was money pit and I refuse to waste so much money on a car). Anyway, I was looking at EVs but even the most basic of EV is obnoxiously expensive. £50,000 for a Hyundai!!

So I decided to just go with a normal diesel for now. In a couple of years I’ll likely go go win hybrid. The infra doesn’t exists for EVs yet, but it’s a catch 22. We will never get the infra until they get mass appeal. 🤨


@kev @dfloyd888
We will never make climate progress while EV's are so ridiculously priced!

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@Tberry @kev

Cars in general for that matter. People are going to continue driving older cars, not because they want to, but because of how much vehicles are now. Plus, with how vehicles "decay" due to electronics systems failing, older ones tend to be more reliable... or at least repairable.

@Tberry @kev That is wise. My 1998 vehicle has parts so cheap, it was less expensive to buy new headlight assemblies for it than to buy a polishing kit.

Only downside is that I have neighbors coming up to me and complaining that my car is reducing their property value... which is something I ignore.

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