Tonight I spoke with ABC News Live to explain that while extremist politicians pursue a retaliatory, racist agenda like today’s vote to oust Rep. Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, House Democrats are committed to solving real-life, kitchen table issues #ForThePeople.

I posted about this about a month ago:

Non-competes are anti-workers’ rights.

Estimates are that about 30 million U.S. workers, many of them in low-wage jobs, would have better career opportunities, higher wages, and better benefits and working conditions with this rule in effect The FTC is asking for public comments through March 20. Please submit a comment in favor of this rule. :CTA:


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🔹 “There are never any consequences!”

🔹“The consequences haven’t been harsh enough and that’s why Republicans keep committing crimes.”

🔹 “At least while they are in jail, they can’t commit any crimes.”

🔹 “If all lawbreakers are not brought to justice, it means rule of law in America is dead.”


Let's just call this out for what it is. A certain segment of our population can't abide the notion that education might inspire a broader perspective. That might encourage more compassion and understanding and undermine fear and the resulting dehumanization and cruelty.

Understanding and empathy for others interferes with their power.

People like Ron DeSantis are anti-democratic, anti-society, and must be forcefully challenged and opposed.

Erasing Black History Is Not the Role of the College Board-


We must fight the Republican agenda. They have been trying to undermine democracy for decades.
Exerpt from The Educational Legacy of Ronald Reagan by Gary K. Clabaugh:
“ Once elected, Mr. Reagan
• called for an end to free tuition for state college and university students
• demanded 20 percent cuts in higher education funding
• repeatedly slashed funds for state campuses
• engineering the firing of Clark Kerr, the highly respected presi-
dent of the University of California
• declaring that the state “should not subsidize intellectual curiosity”
“He called protesting students “brats,” “freaks,” and “cowardly fascists.” And when it came to “restoring order” on unruly campuses he observed,“If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement!”Days later four Kent State students were shot to death during a protest rally. In the aftermath Mr. Reagan declared his remark was only a “figure of speech.” He added that anyone who was upset by it was “neurotic.”

@Lowie It goes back that far and then some.

The sole agenda of the GOP has for decades been to facilitate the redistribution of wealth into their owners' pockets. Beyond tax cuts and removing legislative and regulatory barriers to greed, it means eliminating anything that benefits the whole of society.

This agenda is difficult to sell to the millions of people the party needs to consistently and enthusiastically vote against their own interests.

Trump only made explicit the bigotry, racism, homophobia, and general hatred that was always implicit in the culture wars. Plenty of Republicans are making it worse now.


Agreed. These people and policies are the result of controlled propaganda and elitism. Education became achieved by the rich white only. The rest were considered their ‘tools’ to use as needed.
Trump, DeSantis, Santos, MTG, Jordan, etc etc are products of this. And the gloves are off.

Good thing we are smarter regardless 🤣

@TonyStark Press calls him a less bad Trump when he’s worse and more like Putin. I’d love to think he has no national chance but look around.

Stoking division and removing empathy for others along with suppressing education is fascist.

@Heimdall @Lowie

Agree. There are plenty of hardwood plywoods, for example, that one could spend a very pleasant evening with. I'd equate DeSantis more with drywall that has been left out in the rain and is starting to mold.

@TonyStark @Lowie

Ron DeSantis does not have the charisma of plywood. Not even Masonite. Medium density particleboard, at best. But he has all the hate and closed mindedness of Republicans today and yesterday.

2 years of Biden and Democrats-

The American Rescue Plan.

Infrastructure Law.

The CHIPS Act.

The PACT Act.

Inflation Reduction Act - including addressing Rx drug pricing and the single largest investment in climate and energy in American history.

Gun safety legislation.

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

Juneteenth National Independence Day Act.

Good jobs numbers.

Low unemployment.

Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords.

NATO strengthened.

Support for Ukraine.

College debt relief.

Diverse, fair justices appointed to federal courts and the Supreme Court.

And a lot more.
A few weeks of Republicans:

Op-Ed: House Republicans' first order of business: Balloon the $31-trillion national debt-

@TonyStark it is always with a sense of relief when I read a listing of this administrations accomplishments. It is so nice to have a real commander in chief at the wheel calmly leading the way. Thank you

@DontMindMe @GeorgeCarlinWasRight @Npars01 @TheTraveler @KentNelson She’s not saying that. She’s asking people not to throw Floridians, many of whom support Democratic values and vote for Democrats, under the bus.

This conversation is turning truly awful and I’d kind of love if we could all say “lots of excellent people in lots of states and let’s not shame whole states” and get back to work. Thanks!

Please, tell me, Oh Great white Savior, to which state in this nation built on Indigenous genocide and Black enslavement may I, a Black man, move and be safe from death by police, induction into the Slavery By Another Name of the prison business, and the oppression of white supremacy?

And to which state are YOU moving in order to take direct and sustained actions to help create a new society built upon a new foundation of equity for, and full inclusion of, all?

I can help you pack or unpack.

@ricardoharvin @Heimdall I’m glad it came up but wow, the defending is something else. Where are we all going? 80 million Biden voters and our families aren’t exactly easy to move. And people who are already in a blue state have their own work to do.

@TonyStark Seems to me the people aren't typically happy when large numbers of new people show up. It doesn't always work out so well for the people already living there. In other cases, people aren't welcoming of new neighbors who are from marginalized groups, even if we would like to think everyone would be. @ricardoharvin @Heimdall


This is a great point. I live in a section of PA that votes overwhelmingly red like clockwork (we can't even get rid of Scott Perry) BUT we did dramatically shift our state-wide and national red/blue ratio between 2016 and 2020 (Biden lost by ~10 points, Clinton by ~17). Might not seem like much, but get enough Red counties voting less Red, and you can see shifts in the larger elections once the Blue counties get added to the totals. Family keeps us here for the next few years at least, despite means and remote-capable jobs, so we'll do what we can while we're here.

@mentallyalex @samhainnight @Heimdall @ricardoharvin @TonyStark @daylightatheism @CrazyBusyCreative


Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania are purple and just elected some Democrats though they aren't fully blue. (Massachusetts and Maryland were already pretty blue and bought into Republican governors' promises about transportation and taxes but decided they didn't need the next iteration of Republicans after all and now have Democratic trifectas.) What if people gave up on those purple states and moved out, or Michigan and Minnesota with their new Democratic trifectas? We could have had five fully Republican states instead of three states with a decent amount of Democratic control and/or representation and two fully under Democratic control. That would be an electoral college nightmare for 2024.

Wisconsin can also get its Supreme Court back to Democratic in April, which could also undo gerrymandering and voter suppression there.

@samhainnight @Heimdall @ricardoharvin @TonyStark @daylightatheism @CrazyBusyCreative

I'm going to assume you'll hear from others. But lets not forget the literal millions in Florida that are being far more victimized than an outsider ever will be.

They need our help, not our ego.

@Npars01 @GeorgeCarlinWasRight @TonyStark @KentNelson @DontMindMe

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