Anybody seen a single GOP solution to a single problem facing America? Just looking for one. This is why the GOP has become the party of doom and gloom. They are a total void when it comes to problem solving.

Supply and demand were always going to be a temporary issue when we partially shut down the economy and reopened rapidly. Industry wasn't going to sustain its prior level of production when there was less or no demand. It will now take time to align supply with demand. 

Everything else the Republicans are whining about are just issues an administration has to deal with and is dealing with. But they have to deflect from their own inaction and ineptitude.

Analysis | The Biden ‘crisis’ crisis isn’t yet a crisis: When everything is a crisis, maybe some of them aren't.

We had numerous real crisis moments during the previous administration, and the Republicans spent all their time either sitting on their hands, lying about the problems or making things worse. Often all of the above.
This is all just more fluff& nonsense fearmongering from the GOP. Were it an actual crisis, I've quite a bit more faith in our current administration's ability to handle it.

Tennessee State University and many other have been deprived of full state funding for decades. There’s no way to defend this preferential—i.e. racist—treatment that puts HBCUs and their students at a disadvantage. I can already hear Republicans whining that Black people need to do more fundraisers for HBCUs, but I don’t hear them saying that about colleges and universities that mostly have white students.

I've been critical of Joe Manchin, while never forgetting that in the current 50-50 Senate we still need him. Wednesday he proposed extending the John Lewis Act to every state and territory, which would have a better chance of surviving the Supreme Court than the current one in Congress. It would make the Voting Rights Act stronger and stop the Shelby County decision which allowed new restrictive laws in southern states. It wouldn't be a miracle cure and there are a few problems with it (it's not as strong as the For the People Act, which Manchin does not support, and it wouldn't stop things like Georgia taking power from the Secretary of State and giving it to a partisan body), but it would be much better than what we have now and better than the current proposed John Lewis Act.

Honestly, I feel this is a win/win situation. Get vaccinated AND have a chance to win $1M/college scholarship?

Ohio's $1 million vaccine lottery and college scholarship giveaway: How it works

This is part of Biden's American Rescue Plan, will tremendously help, and yes, the from the same plan that D.C. Republicans voted against across the board even though it will help Republican areas across the board.

White House unveils plan to spend $7B to hire public health workers-

I'm probably never going to vote for a Republican for anything. But the party of Charlie Dent, Mary Peters, Denver Riggleman, Michael Steele, Christine Todd Whitman, the five authors of this op-ed, is the one we want to survive. There needs to be an opposition party. A one-party system does not work. The countries in the world with one political party running everything are North Korea, China, and Iraq. The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and fascist 20th century Italy did too. It's not a requirement that government be communist or fascist to have a one-party system, but it's a bad sign.

I'd prefer multiple parties serving the diverse interests of the people, but two parties are what we're set up for, and we want a second party that believes in democracy and doesn't hate everyone not like them.

Denver Riggleman is no liberal. He was run out of office last year for legally marrying a same-sex couple. That's the current GQP.

Fine, they are late, but they are at the party. Let's take allies where we can find them.

America does better if there is a common goal with different ideas on how to proceed. That can take two (or more, perhaps someday) parties. What it can't take is a party that denies that the former guy had anything to do with the January 6th insurrection, doesn't acknowledge the outcome of our own elections, or even now denies that there was an an attempt to overturn Joe Biden’s win, which is still ongoing.

It will be a long term process to break down and rebuild the GOP. I won't join the group but I wish them success.

@TonyStark @MariaHill Agreed. We need a two-party system but one party can't be against the whole notion of democracy or worse, just against truth as a whole. We want fair elections. The GQP wants a Trump dictatorship, still.

"But some Republicans have voiced skepticism about how prepared the administration was to deal with the situation, and pointed to mixed messages from top officials."

If hypocrisy were in the Olympics, no one on Earth would come close to Republicans, who are blaming Biden because that's the only thing they know how to do other than foment treason because they don't want to offer solutions to problems. The nerve of asking their buddies in the oil and gas industries to invest in their own infrastructure and update their cybersecurity! I mean, we've got to screw over the tax payers for that, right? 

Now that Biden has resorted to an executive order to strengthen cybersecurity, Republicans (Trumplican fascists) they will whine about that, too.

Ron DeSantis, “We really do need the federal government to step up." - I spit out my coffee reading that.

The headline should read "Republicans struggle to make gas company hack a political issue".

Maybe Republicans shouldn't be against so much regulation. Apparently Ron DeSantis, possibly earth's biggest hypocrite, should pick a lane.

These extended unemployment benefits were meant to keep local businesses and economies afloat as much as they were intended to help their actual recipients. By ending them prematurely, they'll just hurt local businesses and economies and lead to yet more unemployment.

I get why people are concerned about "moral hazards" and disincentives to work, but the empirical evidence emphatically shows that whatever negative effects unemployment and other government benefits have are vastly outweighed by their benefits to society and the economy as a whole.

GOP-led states are cutting $300 weekly federal unemployment benefits. Here are the 13 states making the cut this summer.

@RJA Republicans have a cruelty competition running, many years straight.

"In making the decision, the CDC pointed to additional data from the last few weeks that show the vaccines work in the real world, stand up to the variants and make it unlikely vaccinated people can transmit the virus."

This is thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccines. If you're vaccinated, congratulations. If you can be and you're not, get yours. If you've had one shot and not your second, get your second.

Updated data = updated information.

Fully-vaccinated Americans can return to life without masks, CDC says -

Additionally from Dr. Walensky:

CDC Dir. Walensky: "The science is also very clear about unvaccinated people: you remain at risk of mild or severe illness, of death, or of spreading the disease."

"You should still mask, and you should get vaccinated right away."

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@DrHankPym This is a great time to point out that we'd have been here sooner if the former guy hadn't denied there was a problem and if Republicans weren't politicizing a pandemic and its solutions- and still are.

It's important to note the exceptions, -buses, planes, hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters, and remain flexible with changing information.

I'm looking forward to ditching mine when my state okays it.

Here's an amusing possible consequence that will end up helping, even though it's not intended to.

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