In what way exactly does she support abortion rights? Because every story I’ve ever read says that and then says how she is failing to do so in this particular case.

Sen. Susan Collins won't support abortion-rights bill-

Says Greg Abbott, the guy who has no problem “censoring” the decisions women make about their bodies while setting vigilantes after them.

The "anti-censorship" law is complete tripe. The state does not have the authority to require that social media companies allow content and users who violate their terms of service. All users agree to those terms when creating their accounts. If Republicans feel that the removal of posts that advocate racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence, or insurrection disproportionately target them, then they have much larger problems. 

The First Amendment also only limits government action. Social media companies who remove posts that violate the TOS agreed to when creating the account are not violating the right to free speech.

I was heartened last night watching too many hours of MSNBC (as usual around here) and seeing interviews with Reps. Karen Bass and Suzan DelBene, and analysis by Jonathan Capehart and EJ Dionne along with Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. The infrastructure bills will get passed by Democrats, likely using reconciliation. They're negotiating with President Biden about exactly what will be in them but all Democrats want both physical and human infrastructure.

Where some Democrats really need to get on board is prescription drug reform. A few Democrats are especially beholden to the pharmaceutical lobby. Constituents, whether on Medicare or not, are paying prices that are much too high for medications, either directly or indirectly.

The argument from drug companies that they will spend less on research if they can't overcharge us is BS. The government funds the research and the drug companies rake in the profits.

3 House Democrats blocked a bill to lower drug prices.
Reps. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), Scott Peters (D-Calif.), and Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.)

If they're anyone's rep, they should get daily phone calls about it.

So should Senator Sinema of AZ, not that anyone isn't doing that.

Prescription drug price reform is definitely important to Democratic voters for one, and is also popular with all voters.

From the party of “personal freedom”and "limited government."

I'm really only surprised that Florida Republicans didn’t try to make their proposed law even more draconian than Texas'.

It's not at all far-fetched that this will go through and that DeSantis will sign it. Preventing his re-election in 2022 is crucial. Keeping Republicans out of office in general is crucial.

‘Florida Heartbeat Act’: State rep. files Texas-style abortion bill-

The whole recent history of SCOTUS appointments, starting with the invention of the "McConnell Rule" to deny President Obama the nomination of Merrick Garland as a justice, through the nominations and ramrod confirmations of Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and especially Barrett, has been a quintessential exercise in political hackery, the likes of which has never been seen in this country. 

If it walks like a partisan hack and if it opines like a partisan hack, why should we believe that it's anything other than a partisan hack?  SCOTUS won't have the public's respect until it's expanded or term-limited or all of the Trump justices retire. Maybe all 3.

P.S. Elections matter.

Opinion | The Supreme Court has only itself to blame-

Republicans have gone fascist. They are trying to normalize violence and employ stochastic terrorism. Absolutely disgusting.

Michigan rep to fellow lawmaker: I hope 'your car explodes'-

Can we admit the truth here?

People are getting sick and dying because the Republican Party and right wing media have made a public health issue into a culture war fight for political advantage. They have deliberately made mask-wearing and vaccination into a wedge issue to divide the country and energize their base around some mythical conspiracy.

It's way past time for Republicans in leadership roles to stand up to this disregard for human life. All families deserve better, especially the parents of these children.

For Parents ​of Disabled Children, School Mask Wars Are Particularly Wrenching:

Gavin Newsom signs $15-billion package to fight climate change, wildfire, and drought.

The approval of $15 billion to address the worsening effects of global warming was announced amid Climate Week.

Big-ticket items in the package include $5.2 billion for drought response and water resilience; $3.7 billion for issues like extreme heat and sea level rise; $3.9 billion for electric vehicle investment and infrastructure; $1.5 billion for wildfire response and forest resilience, and $1.1 billion for sustainable agriculture.

I'm not a big fan of polls, but often enough they can give us an indication of where races are going - and this one's alarming.

"Youngkin leads McAuliffe among likely voters:"

Early voting is going on for the Virginia governor's race and for state-level seats right now. We need to spread the word and help Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe and the other Virginia Democrats running get elected. The last thing Virginia or the country needs is another Republican governor or a Republican-led state government.

Here are 4 ways you can help for now:


If you're a VA voter, make a plan and vote today:

Like all elections, this is important.
:CTA: :vote:

Yes, the whole “Big Lie” charade has always been designed to deflect from the stark reality that Trump lost the 2020 election by way more (7 million votes) than any Presidential candidate IN HISTORY, even with the benefits of incumbency.  

Trump's Big Lie was an attempt to try to salve his fragile ego, to somehow keep him as a viable possible future candidate, and to undermine our elections, despite what was a humiliating loss (including states Rs had not lost in decades.) What Rs fail to realize is that while Trump may fire up his side, his existence at the top of the GOP has motivated people on the other side even more. Many, many people I know would walk on glass if necessary to keep him from ever getting near the Presidency again.

They used this audit--not the results, the audit--to make voting more difficult. So, no celebrations. The audit activity was the scam. They won't stop yet.

Maricopa County: Draft of Cyber Ninjas election review says Biden won:

The sham results are indeed beside the point. These so-called audits, as the you say, are to mollify the former guy and appease his base and to keep the latter mobilized in a constant state of outrage. And worst of all, to keep voter restrictions passing around the country.

Because Republicans cannot run and win on issues, this is what they are doing.

I will run, walk, or crawl over broken glass to vote. They won't stop us.

Ya’ll, the VA elections have STARTED! These races are so, so important. Help get out the vote and vote! :voteblue:

I am so tired of this one-dimensional understanding of core values. 

Yes, we have personal freedom. But, we also have social responsibility. And in the midst of a pandemic with an extremely virulent virus - social responsibility (and its link to economic growth and stability) takes precedent. One is always accompanied by the other. And nobody has freedom to make other people suffer the consequences of their own actions.

We, at the very least, have a social responsibility to the health-care workers who have been dealing with this pandemic for 18 months plus.

As covid-19 patients fill hospitals, health-care workers fight fear and exhaustion: ‘Here we go again’-

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry on Tuesday called out Trump's lack of climate action during his term in the White House but said the U.S. can regain the world's trust by acting now

Kerry also said scientists fear we're reaching irreversible tipping points on ice melt, coral reef destruction and other areas: "That should scare the hell out of folks."

And He acknowledged the private sector coming together in the fight and said countries must step up as well

John Kerry says the U.S. can recover from Trump's 'sheer idiocy' on climate change

“Hello, 911?”

“Sorry, all our police cars are doubling as racist props today.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott builds makeshift border wall to block Haitian migrants-

"Please have your heart attack later. Texas' hospitals are out of ICU beds anyway from COVID, so good luck!"

Where's that bipartisanship Republicans have been screaming about?

The Republicans can't be allowed to gain the majority in the House or Senate. They don't believe in science, civic responsibility, governance, equal rights, doing anything for the country, or democracy in general.

They have no agenda except for phantom cultural grievances, hate, and fear. In the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats must retain and grow the majority in the House and Senate. Everyone must help them to do so wherever and whenever possible.

The 2022 midterm elections will be difficult. Voter suppression will be a significant obstacle. Midterm elections are generally in favor of the party out of power. Everyone must make every an effort. Stay engaged, contribute, volunteer, and VOTE.

U.S. default this fall would cost 6 million jobs, wipe out $15 trillion in wealth, study says - Congressional Republicans are ruling out helping Democrats avoid the potential financial catastrophe:

"So your neighbor shot you while stealing your generator because the power grid is down again?
Is you neighbour an immigrant? No?
Did they force you and your family to wear masks and/or perform an illegal abortion? No?
I'm sorry, we can't help you. Please clear the line for a real emergency."

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