It's the lie that wouldn't die. Republicans know they can't win playing by the rules, so they make up new rules.

Nothing is off the table, even allowing state legislatures to replace election results they don't like. What is being done to voting rights in this country is an obscenity.

HR1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act need passed while we have the majority in the Senate, House, and White House and every one of us must get involved on the local level to protect the vote.

Republicans roll out “tidal wave of voter suppression” with 253 restrictive bills in 43 states-

Cawthorn is a feature, not a bug, of the Trump party. The stream of lies coming from his mouth is exactly what today's conservatives hail as 'Free Speech', the right to be as destructive as they damn please yet remain free from all consequences.

A liar, a sexual predator, and a gaslighter - the face of the modern Republican party.
Very sad that he's in the U.S. government but hardly surprising that he's a right winger. People like this are extremely dangerous and just add to the reasons why the GOP must be purged from holding office.

The making of Madison Cawthorn: How falsehoods helped propel the career of a new pro-Trump star of the far right:

@TonyStark I no longer think of national Republicans as a political party with a legitimate agenda. They may one day return to being a political party. But now they are similar to mobsters who rule through intimidation, lies and violence. In my opinion, Jan. 6th was the date the illusion fully collapsed and today's Republicans showed who they really are.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

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The Pelican Nebula in Red and Blue
Image Credit & Copyright: M. Petrasko, M. Evenden, U. Mishra (Insight Obs.)

Trump incited an insurrection which imperiled the lives of elected officials, their staffs, and other people in the Capitol building, killing and injuring police officers and others.

Republican Senators and Representatives voted to reject the Electoral College votes giving Biden/Harris ticket their entirely legitimate win.

Republicans across the country and in Congress signed on to the Texas AG’s law suit against Georgia.

Republicans have now introduced over 200 bills restricting access to voting in ways that make it harder for Black people, college students, lower-income people, and anyone else that is likely to vote for Democrats to vote.

Republicans need to experience a scorched earth policy directed specifically at them.

There can be no bothsidesism, there can be no bipartisanship. The GQP has abandoned any claim to have a say in the future of the American people.

Rewriting January 6th: Republicans push false and misleading accounts of Capitol riot:

It's funny to see Dana Bash try to imply to Senator Chris Coons on CNN this morning that the Covid relief bill that passed the house isn't bipartisan.

First, elected Republicans didn't act in a bipartisan way for the last 4 years at all. Second, the relief bill has wide support from Republican voters.

So the people and the bill are bipartisan, even if elected DC Republicans aren't and want their constituents to go without help.

White House pitches Biden's Covid bill as bipartisan — without GOP votes:

@TonyStark One party wants to do what the people of the country do and one doesn't.

Republicans can step up right now and be bipartisan and vote for the

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy says he doesn’t think the former guy will be the GOP nominee for president in 2024. "Over the last four years, we lost the House... the Senate and the presidency" which has not happened since Herbert Hoover. "If we idolize one person, we will lose."

Meanwhile, at CPAC, someone wheeled in a literal idol.

Seriously, though.

If I were at a function for a political group of any kind and someone rolled in a giant gold statue of an ex-president and probable future candidate for the party, I'd be long gone.

Xavier Becerra didn't set out to sue nuns. The nuns volunteered to join the case later and the COURT let them. If anyone, Senator Thune should be blaming the judge for suing nuns.

And even so, why shouldn't nuns be sued? Especially if they interfere with the rights of non-Catholic Americans? 

Analysis | Biden’s pick for HHS sued the Trump administration, not a group of nuns:

Net Neutrality also needs restored, whose abolition by GOP puppet Pai only served to reinforce providers' monopolies.

That said, I applaud these subsidies and the efforts to make them permanent, too. For better or worse (*cough* social media), the 'net has become an integral part of modern life, to the point that being excluded from it not only makes it harder to keep in touch with society, but also find employment and increase education.

Society needs to ensure a level playing field.

Millions of low-income Americans to get up to $50 subsidies for their monthly Internet bills under newly finalized U.S. program:


Louisiana residents of U.S. House districts and : Today, February 27th, is the last day to register to vote in order to vote in your special election on Saturday, March 20 for seats in the House of Representatives.

2nd district information:
5th district information:

Who represents you in Congress is important. Please register or check your registration online today: :vote:

Much could have been done to soften the blow if for the first eleven months of the pandemic we hadn't had incompetent leadership from the former guy. So if it seems it's taking awhile, which it will, don't forget that.

To correct the economy, this country needs to create jobs that fix or work to fix our most pressing problems: infrastructure, Superfund site clean up, waste/recycling issues, alternative fuels, electric vehicles...these issues and others would create millions of jobs, thus providing these companies listed in this story the ability to have customers. 

Step one is passing Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

The wave of covid bankruptcies has begun:

Kudos to Wyden and Sanders for thinking outside the box. There are many ways to ensure that the workers whose labor creates wealth for business owners and investors get to keep that wealth for themselves and their children, including this possibility or attaching it to another bill.

Undermining the rules of our democracy was what Trump and Republicans did. If we want to save our democracy, we have to show how to make Congress functional again.

Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are forging ahead with a backup plan after the Senate parliamentarian ruled out the minimum wage:

They're only remorseful because they've been caught and are being held to account for their actions. Absent that, they'd still be out there, encouraging the violent overthrow of our legitimate government. Throw the book at them.

Capitol riot defendants facing jail have regrets. Judges aren’t buying it:

Fantastic news. Puts teeth into rejoining the Paris Agreement. Use of coal will die of its own unecomonic weght.

If we were to have the industry rather than society pay for the actual costs associated with the damage caused by fossil fuels, the whole enterprise would have ended in a heartbeat, decades ago. This is an excellent, and ridiculously overdue, first step.

Biden is hiking the cost of carbon. It will change how the U.S. tackles global warming:

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