Guess all the good guys with guns were on vacation this weekend.

Really good news:

It's important to up and fund efforts where people are hit the worst.

Biden administration to provide $150 million to boost Covid response in underserved and vulnerable areas:

Paying 10 dollars for a fake vaccine card when the shots are free is stupid and repugnant and selling them is repugnant. This is more of what politicizing a virus does.

I guess don't post your vaccine card online anymore. Someone has to exploit good intentions.

Coronavirus vaccination cards a target of scams -

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark I can't go a day without hearing about someone shooting people in public or threatening people with a gun in my city. It's terrifying. We don't have to live this way. I agree that we should all demand gun reform, not just moms. (I know you don't have to be a mom to join, though.)

The birdsite and the facesite are great for connecting with people, and are also where people get a lot of misinformation. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Ben Ray Luján are pushing the two sites to stop that.

"Misinformation superspreaders" is an apt description. Misinformation can keep a pandemic going just as passing the virus itself does. These anti-vax influencers are dangerous. I appreciate our Democratic senators for what they do on so many fronts.


Some kind of independent probe needs to look at the insurrection analytically to determine which 'lefties' needed to protest an election that had the outcome that they voted for.

GOP, at least try and make it make sense when you lie.

Trump’s grip on GOP looms as support falters for independent probe of Capitol riot:

Oops...clicked on the wrong mass shooting. Meant to click on the Wisconsin mass shooting, after the other I already posted about today.

Problem: Too many guns. Wrong kind for hunting, target shooting, self-defense. In the wrong hands. A public health crisis. 

An organization I belong to has solutions,

Maybe some can be quibbled with. What cannot be is the necessity to mitigate this public health crisis and respect the initial, dependent clause of the 2nd Amendment.

If you agree, please tell your elected representatives and ask like-minded people you know to do so, too.

Gunman who police say killed 3 in Austin is a former sheriff’s detective accused of child sexual assault:

Want to help in an important election today and are bilingual English/Spanish?

Today, April 19th, from 5 to 6 PM Pacific, Activate America will be texting pro-environment voters who often miss elections in the lead-up to May 1st municipal elections in Texas. They will be sending non-partisan messages alerting them about early voting access and, given the high concentration of Spanish speakers in this voting universe, all texts will include an option to correspond in Spanish. This is a great opportunity for bilingual texters to increase voter turnout.

If you're new to texting, they have training documents to get you set up! :CTA: :gotv: :tx:

Sign up here: Text Bank - Get Out the Vote in Texas, for Bi-Lingual Volunteers · Activate America (formerly Flip the West)

@TonyStark Even this article is already starting to talk about the mental health issues that the shooter may have had, which is what authorities have always done every time there's a mass shooting. We absolutely must fix our gun laws; that is unavoidable. We must also make mental healthcare accessible to everyone who needs it, but that should never be framed in the context of violence. That needs to happen anyway.

Gun reform needs to happen. Mental healthcare needs to be destigmatized and prioritized just like any other healthcare. Each of these things is true, but people need to stop wrapping them up into the same issue.

This article is worth a read whether you agree with Ezra Klein's views on cancel culture or not.

It does address the abusive qualities of birdsite's trending topics box and quote features. I know the lack of them can make Mastodon seem harder to use, but we're all better off without them. I hope neither of them become a part of things here.


If police can confiscate guns that can be legally repurchased by the same individual, it's past time for gun reform. Close the loopholes, expand background checks, get assault weapons off the street, make it easier to enforce the laws on the books and heavily punishable if they are not enforced as they were obviously not enforced in this case.

The length to which some people in this country are willing to go to in order to pretend we don't have a gun problem is simply astounding. But it's the perfect equilibrium for maximizing profits for gun manufacturers: make it legal to confiscate, but impossible to prevent new purchases.


The FedEx shooter's mother warned that he might commit "suicide by cop." Gun taken.

He was interviewed.

He was still able to get hold of a gun and kill 8 people.

America needs stricter gun control laws.

More guns are not the answer. Guns in schools are not the answer.

Tennessee Student Killed by Police Did Not Fire Bullet That Hit Officer, Officials Say: nyti.ms/32ifJRv

Guns never de-escalate a situation. They won't even say who's gun shot him. For all we know, a young man died because a police officer accidentally shot himself.

@MariaHill @TonyStark Happy anniversary! I can’t remember how I found you but I’ve always appreciated it! 🎊🎊🥳

@ScottLang @TonyStark @SteveRogers @Pepper @PJQuill @AgentCarter_SSR @NatashaRomanoff @GlennGriffin8 @SpiderMan @StephenStrange @ThorOfAsgard @JamesRhodes and probably many more I'm forgetting, I'm so glad I connected with y'all. I probably would've left social media altogether if not for your friendship. Thank you so much for your kindness ❤

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