The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell 9/22/21 [FULL 10PM MSNBC Breaking ... via @YouTube

Trump 'Will Likely Be Indicted Between Now And 2024 More Than Once' via @YouTube

Aging Politicians And Meat Eaters Stand In The Way Of America's Climate ... via @YouTube

This was really brilliant.

Jimmy Kimmel & Fellow Late Night Shows Team Up for a Climate Change Inte... via @YouTube

Comedians trying to save the world.
You should listen, it's up to us.

Climate Change’s Dirty Little Secret: Sewage via @YouTube

The Consequences Of Climate Change You May Not Know About | The Daily Show via @YouTube

Ignorance isn't hard to beat.

It can learn or fail.

Liars pose a challenge.
Just don't be ignorant.

Greg Gutfeld Wasn't Invited To #ClimateNight via @YouTube

What If...? episode 7 spoilers 

@MariaHill Party Thor isn’t a bad guy!

The science is unequivocal, extensively acknowledged and widely supported. Climate change is the defining crisis of our time.

Late Night Shares the Stage With Climate Change

Seven hosts dedicated their Wednesday shows to raising awareness about the urgent need to slow global warming ...

A new Environmental Protection Agency rule aims to cut the use of a class of greenhouse gases that are hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide, hydrofluorocarbons.

Hydrofluorocarbons, widely used in refrigation, also known as HFCs, are projected to prevent up to 0.5 degree Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming by the end of the century.

White House officials said the new rule tackles global warming while supporting jobs to manufacture new alternatives.

EPA to cut greenhouse gases thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Says Greg Abbott, the guy who has no problem “censoring” the decisions women make about their bodies while setting vigilantes after them.

The "anti-censorship" law is complete tripe. The state does not have the authority to require that social media companies allow content and users who violate their terms of service. All users agree to those terms when creating their accounts. If Republicans feel that the removal of posts that advocate racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence, or insurrection disproportionately target them, then they have much larger problems. 

The First Amendment also only limits government action. Social media companies who remove posts that violate the TOS agreed to when creating the account are not violating the right to free speech.

Abbott is an idiot. Anything he has to say is tainted by his behavior during the power outage, covid response, vote suppression, and abortion laws.

The 1st Amendment is about government censoring speech, not companies, who can regulate their content anyway they like.

That is so sad and harsh; so unjust.
This is how misinformation affects people. Her delay seemed reasonable given what her coworkers were telling her. I wonder what they're thinking now?
Everybody has been lied to and slighted by the institutions they've trusted all this time; their Fox News and the right-wing think tanks behind them.
Most of the media is focused on the hapless ignorant out there, poking fun, laughing w gotcha interviews but NEVER following the fucking money!

Okay, Right-wing, what do you have left?

Deny you knew about it?
Your actions prove you did.

Your people are named in it.

Time to face the ugly music.

Trump’s Sedition Proven By Eastman Memo Laying Out Plan To Overturn The Election via @politicususa

@AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark
So many medical heroes will never recover from the Pandemic. In the early days lots died due to exposure in wards full of infection without proper PPE. Those who made it through that had intense trauma of seeing so many deaths despite everything they did. And governments repeatedly failing to learn basic lessons to prevent wave after wave.
I'm not surprised your friend couldn't face it again, only war veterans have seen anything close.

One of my offices is an Integrated Care and Transitional Living Facility. Recently the news was brought to attention that anyone who is not vaccinated from COVID-19 by the 15th of October will not be able to remain employed.

The complaining and excuses only became more and more comedic with time, but to me, its a simple decision, look at your bills, your family, and decide what is more important. To me, its a simple answer, to

Some of the excuses and statements heard btw were funny as Hell.

One saying that they should be allowed to sue the facility, but no lawyer would represent a "proud conservative" with me reminding them of how during the prior president's administration "proud conservatives" were threatening to kill lawyers and such.

Another was using an anecdote of how "I know a person who got paralyzed on one side after getting it!" or another said "this person got it and got the COVID still!" etc.

Its comedic almost. In a sad way.

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