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To those complaining about vaccine mandates:

It isn’t mandating the vaccine by force. It's still your decision. If you're not vaccinated, you just need to get weekly testing. Sounds pretty common sense. Get a nose wipe a few times a week to make sure you won’t be killing others including your family. Of course, it's easier and safer to just get the shot.

This is how we keep schools, colleges and businesses open, folks. Get vaccinated. Wear masks where people can't be vaccinated. The schools and businesses shutting down are the ones that aren't doing it.

If you still don't want it, you still have an option. That option is to stay home and not work anywhere that's mandating a safe, effective vaccine that saves lives, including your own.

You don’t have to get a vaccine. You have your "freedom" to lose your job and your ability to go anywhere and see how much you make looking at QAnon accounts on the internet all day.

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If you can, please support one of these abortion funds, which help people afford care and also related expenses like childcare and travel. Funds in Texas will now need to budget for lawsuit defense as well as for helping more people travel longer distances, while funds in other states will need to step in to backstop them. Here are ways to help:

Donate to specific Texas funds:

Texas Equal Access Fund-

Clinic Access Support Network-

Fund Texas Choice-

The Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity-

The Bridge Collective-

Jane's Due Process-

Buckle Bunnies-

SYS (Support Your Sistah)-

Frontera Fund-

The West Fund-

Or split a single donation among 10 Texas funds at:

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Today was a beautiful day to get vaccinated. So I did.

I vaccinated for myself, my loved ones, my family, and my friends. Science saves lives. Vaccines save lives.

Get vaccinated when you can, then help others get theirs.

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Liz Cheney is in an unenviable position. I can't fathom being a Republican in the first place, but imagine you think we should spend inordinate amounts of money on the military and less on public education. Ok, this doesn't make you a person I'm going to get along great with, but maybe I don't think you're horrible, unless you want to destroy your gay sister's family too. It seems Cheney has reconciled with her sister Mary and says she was wrong for previous anti-LGBTQ+ positions. We'll take that at face value.

So now what? If Cheney campaigns for other Republicans and they win back the House, McCarthy becomes Speaker. Cheney knows that he's TFG's puppet.

If Cheney holds her seat, she could vote for not-McCarthy for Speaker. (Calling Adam Kinzinger too.) If the House is nearly tied, her vote would matter.

As a Democrat, I don't want to rely on Cheney for anything though, and I'll be working to keep the House.

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@MariaHill @SteveRogers
McConnell takes malicious glee in destroying everything he touches, all in the name of power.

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@SteveRogers The opposite of the Midas touch is the McConnell touch.

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McConnell is the most dangerous man in America who has gleefully ruined the Senate and Supreme Court and has no qualms about ruining our credit and the entire country right along.

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While Republicans work daily to find new ways to disenfranchise voters, Democrats like Gov Newsom are working even harder to make sure every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast their ballot.
Congrats, CA! Now, let's take this nationwide!

Governor Newsom Signs Landmark Elections Legislation Making Vote-by-Mail Ballots Permanent for Every Registered Voter, Strengthening Elections Integrity

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@TonyStark Unfortunately this is a subscriber-only article, and as I've never read Automotive News in my life, I'm going to skip subscribing for one article. I do subscribe to, and recommend that others subscribe to, publications they like and want to read regularly and don't just read them aggregated on sites like yahoo and MSN. It's important that journalists get paid for their work, and we need editors.

Even though I couldn't read all about the technology myself, knowing that there's a new way to make greener steel is exciting! We need new technologies to make the things we use. People don't want to stop using forks, trains, and bridges. Bamboo cutlery is great on the go, and you can walk on a log over a creek, but if we want to live the way we do in our modern society, steel is a necessity.

While steel has one of the highest recycling rates in the world, new steel ultimately ends up needing to be forged to meet demand. If we can make steel in a greener way, we could make huge inroads towards our climate goals.

Steel is one of those things you might not notice is all around until you look for it. It's on a dinner table in the form of cutlery, in wind turbines, in bridges, in buildings, in cars and other forms of transit, etc.

President Biden announced earlier this year that the administration wants to see half of new vehicle sales be electric vehicles by 2030. While achieving that will help the U.S. decarbonize due to the higher efficiency of electric vehicles and decarbonization of the electric grid, using green steel produced by green hydrogen will make electric vehicles even greener and help jump-start the decarbonization of the steelmaking process. It's a cool advancement.

Volvo hopes ‘green steel' will catch on:

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AZ anti-mask mandate ruled unconstitutional

A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that Arizona Republican lawmakers violated constitutional rules when they passed significant new policies, like a ban on mask mandates, in the state budget.

The ruling means laws scheduled to take effect on Wednesday, including one that bans mask mandates in public schools, are unconstitutional and unenforceable.

reprieve for AZ's kids and school staffs


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They can't win with their ideas, so they'll take an apartheid government.


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@TonyStark Republicans don't want a democracy. The only thing that would surprise me now is if they are did one thing pro-democracy.

In other words, gerrymander to win.

Why am I always headlines in the morning that infrastructure bills are on the verge of failure? Say it enough and it will come true? Trump still isn't president despite his big lie.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are past the verge. 

Republicans plot to keep Texas red in redistricting -

Abbott will do this but not fix the Texas electrical grid.

So all Trump loyalists, please donate millions more that you can't afford to part with and remember - that money is going to provide you with the knowledge that Trump still isn't president and it might also help Don line his pockets. That's what you're getting.

Abbott bows to Trump pressure on Texas election audit:

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Essentially ignoring the 2 best ways to mitigate the spread of covid, vaccines and masks, to score yourself a couple of MAGA political points: still not working.

I feel sorry for the medical professionals who have to deal with this.

Texas surpasses 4 million COVID-19 cases threshold |

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Tuesday, September 28

Just one this week, but still important.

has a for House of Representatives District 118. This seat is currently empty, last held by Leo Pacheco(D) who resigned to teach public administration at SAC.

With everything going on in Texas as of late, it's vital to make sure that this seat stays blue!

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Working people automatically have taxes deducted from our paychecks; there is no way we can avoid that, nor should we. So, in reality the working class pays up front while those who take advantage of loopholes and offshore bank accounts get a free ride. That needs fixed.

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It's frightening and absurd. My friend who left healthcare due to burnout used to tell us of nurses who swore up& down that masks didn't work& refused to get vaccinated. How can you work in healthcare and not believe in the science behind keeping yourself and your patients safe?

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@MariaHill The covid vaccine is just one of many mandated vaccines that health care providers have to take. Not clear why anyone in that field would treat it any differently than any of the other ones.

Honestly if one has a thing about vaccines, perhaps healthcare work is not a reasonable career choice for that person.
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I don't understand why any hospital employee hasn't been vaccinated already, nine months after vaccines became available. The hospital system where I receive my medical treatments already has its own mandate in place, but I was asking my own practitioners if they had received their vaccines back in the spring. I don't care if that's personal. I'm allowed to switch if I don't like my doctor's answer. Fortunately all personel all talked about their relief in being vaccinated.

So I don't get why Gov. Hochul even needs to call in the National Guard to replace health care workers who are refusing to get vaccinated. Ones who are simply exhausted by 18 months of the pandemic, yes. By seeing sick and dying people, yes. By a public refusing to get vaccinated, yes. But who themselves are refusing vaccines, no. I don't understand why they are willing to put themselves at risk, and why they are willing to become vectors for new variants.

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A new study published in the journal Science, finds today’s kids will live through three times as many climate disasters as their grandparents.

If the planet continues to warm on its current trajectory, the average 6-year-old will live through roughly three times as many climate disasters as their grandparents, the study finds. They will see twice as many wildfires, 1.7 times as many tropical cyclones, 3.4 times more river floods, 2.5 times more crop failures and 2.3 times as many droughts as someone born in 1960.

If we expect our government to serve all people and to be a real, functioning democracy, everyone has to contribute their fair share.

And that is where the problem lies with the tax system. Corporate America and the wealthiest amongst us do not pay their fair share. Simple as that. It's time to fix it.

Opinion | Taxing the rich is super popular. Democrats should talk more about it:

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