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To those complaining about vaccine mandates:

It isn’t mandating the vaccine by force. It's still your decision. If you're not vaccinated, you just need to get weekly testing. Sounds pretty common sense. Get a nose wipe a few times a week to make sure you won’t be killing others including your family. Of course, it's easier and safer to just get the shot.

This is how we keep schools, colleges and businesses open, folks. Get vaccinated. Wear masks where people can't be vaccinated. The schools and businesses shutting down are the ones that aren't doing it.

If you still don't want it, you still have an option. That option is to stay home and not work anywhere that's mandating a safe, effective vaccine that saves lives, including your own.

You don’t have to get a vaccine. You have your "freedom" to lose your job and your ability to go anywhere and see how much you make looking at QAnon accounts on the internet all day.

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If you can, please support one of these abortion funds, which help people afford care and also related expenses like childcare and travel. Funds in Texas will now need to budget for lawsuit defense as well as for helping more people travel longer distances, while funds in other states will need to step in to backstop them. Here are ways to help:

Donate to specific Texas funds:

Texas Equal Access Fund-

Clinic Access Support Network-

Fund Texas Choice-

The Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity-

The Bridge Collective-

Jane's Due Process-

Buckle Bunnies-

SYS (Support Your Sistah)-

Frontera Fund-

The West Fund-

Or split a single donation among 10 Texas funds at:

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Today was a beautiful day to get vaccinated. So I did.

I vaccinated for myself, my loved ones, my family, and my friends. Science saves lives. Vaccines save lives.

Get vaccinated when you can, then help others get theirs.

It really seems unlikely that half of the applicants do not have this or entered this incorrectly. The more likely scenario that each county doesn't have the proper voter data on record, allowing for their rejection. Consider people who just moved into the county, for one.

Previous to SB1, a DL or SSN were not on all voter records, so matches aren't always possible to start with. And to not provide for any remedy, just rejection, isn't securing the right to vote.

The goal of a democracy should be to make it as simple as possible for every eligible person to vote, not just the ones that jump through certain hoops.

What they're doing is denying people the right to vote on state-manufactured technicalities. It's wrong.

Nearly half of mail-in voting applications in Travis County have been rejected due to new Texas voting law, clerk says:

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You have my deepest, most sincere sympathies, Virginia residents.

Youngkin is probably not as mentally unstable as Florida Gov. DeSantis or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and he's nowhere near as insane as DJT.

But Youngkin very much remains a clear and present danger. Watch him like a hawk and call him out publicly on every single lies he speaks, because there will be many... so, SO many.

Youngkin's first week to-do list.

1. Help COVID spread.

2. Restrict voter access.

3. Begin nonfactual, white-people-only-approved American history curricula.

4. Roll back environmental regulations.

I don't want to seem to be repeating what I'm always saying, but there were enough Biden voters in Virginia that this didn’t have to happen and I have deep sympathy for the people who did show. Elections matter.

Glenn Youngkin Ends School Mask Mandates, Vaccines For State Workers After He's Sworn In As Virginia Governor:

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Trophies don't make a champion. Character does. He failed the test.

Thank goodness for some sensible people in Australia.

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Good. I'm tired of professional sports players acting like they're entitled to behave in such unsportsmanlike manner. Ignoring basic rules 'because I'm special and the rules don't apply to me'.
Go home & play with your balls alone. No one wants to play with you.

Congratulations to Australia. You have shown that pig-headed arrogance and privilege will not prevail - at least in this case. When 83% of Australians don’t want you in their country, it takes some chutzpah to go to court to force your unvaccinated self on them.

If he had an ounce of class and decency, he wouldn’t have exposed others to the virus when he tested positive. Oh, and he would have gotten the vaccine and not lied on the forms and actually taken some personal responsibility.

But he doesn’t, so he didn’t.

The virus doesn’t care how many tennis matches he won.

Opinion | Novak Djokovic Got the Boot. Australians Are Thrilled:

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Yay, After a weekend of hurried court hearings, a panel of three Australian federal justices unanimously upheld the immigration minister’s decision to cancel the unvaccinated athlete’s visa on the grounds that his presence in the country might incite anti-vaccine sentiment and “civil unrest," clearing the way for the country to deport him.

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Sinema needs to listen to herself of a few years back who said the 60 vote threshold was wrong.

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There's a lot of great journalism going on in local publications and we should all support it.

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Please get the best mask you can, especially if you're high risk. Nobody wants to control you. All we want is for COVID to be less of an issue.

CDC warns loosely woven cloth masks are 'least protective' against COVID -

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@MJ Or any VP in my lifetime. Nixon was president when I was born, but babies aren't aware of how the media is covering the VP so I can't speak to the contemporaneous treatment of Spiro Agnew, though I'm sure no one followed him like this even though (according to Rachel Maddow's book that came out last year) his crookedness was well-known by absolutely everyone in the great state of Maryland. Harris, a popular senator before she was offered the spot on Biden's ticket, deserves none of this negative coverage.

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Kids are so much smarter than adults give them credit for.

Or maybe the problem is that the adults who are so afraid of critical race theory know that kids are smart and if they learn to analyze race and privilege, the generation currently in K-16 schools will dismantle the system that benefits white people.

White people who have CRT material and are open to it (I never heard it called that when I was in grad school or took professional development workshops, but that's what it was) will do anti-racist work. That's what people who want to shut it down fear, the loss of other white people to uphold the racist system.

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@TonyStark Mitch McConnell got rid of a filibuster to give us the SCOTUS we have today that just decided OSHA can't regulate worker safety anymore.

We can't hear her over the sound of her outfits. She can't hear us over the coins clinking from lobbyists.

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@QueenRamonda @TonyStark
I completely agree. Racism is deeply ingrained into the establishment & their expectations of entitlement. There is a mindset that if you are white & rich you can get away with anything - it is valid because they protect each other. The same "boys club" mentality does not extend past the colour of their colonial skins.
I don't know the full truth of Meghan Markle's victimisation but I find her version of events & attitudes compelling.

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We see so much negative press for Kamala Harris. I don’t recall seeing so much negative press for a year 1 VP who has at least a couple of years left before a possible Presidential run before.

I wonder what’s different. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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@TonyStark @LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR I mentioned a while back that harmful and fraudulent remedies are nothing new. If you don't already know the story of how radon gas was once touted as a cure for all sorts of problems, this is worth five minutes:

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@LearnTribe @TonyStark I’d say a lot for a story outside of the US, which sometimes people have a really hard time thinking about. Of course you have morons defending them both, but neither are defendable.

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John Adams, the second president of the USA, wrote in the Massachusetts constitution "a government of laws, not of men." Everyone should be subject to the same rules.

I don't really care about the royal family per se, though I've watched a wedding just to see the pageantry. I watch Olympic opening ceremonies too (but not watching Beijing). In the same vein of everyone being subject to the same laws, Andrew needs to stand trial. I don't really care about his Order of the Whatever. I can't decide if it's more offensive that women can't inherit peerages or that you have them at all, but you know, if your compatriots believe some people are more worthy to sit in your upper legislative body than others because of their birth, it would be ethnocentric of me to say otherwise. It's not like it's easy to run for US Senate if you're not from a rich family either, but you don't have to come from aristocratic blood.


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Let me add that from my perspective, there's a lot of racism involved in this in addition. No person of color would be skating away from any of this. Not that they should because obviously not but over here, there's a lot of white privilege involved.

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@LearnTribe @GreenFire @AgentCarter_SSR @TonyStark I can remember what passed for received wisdom fifty years ago, and it was woeful. People said things like "I needed to have that bad cold to clear my system out" — which (PSA) is gibberish. I remember being told by my grandfather than I should always wear shoes to avoid getting a cold in my feet. And he was serious.

All that's changed is that people have more reach now, and the Wakefields and Mercolas are making more money from it.


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