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Happy Pride Month, Fediverse!

Let's celebrate love in all its forms and renew our commitment to the fight for equality for all.

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15 ways you can help people seeking a still-legal but challenging path to abortion right now:

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Kentucky Health Justice Network 

New Orleans Abortion Fund

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

Missouri Abortion Fund

North Dakota Women In Need Abortion Access Fund

Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

South Dakota Access for Every Woman Fund

Memphis Center for Reproductive Health

Fund Texas Choice

Utah Abortion Fund

Pro-Choice Wyoming

Yellowhammer Fund

The Brigid Alliance

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@TonyStark Chances are better then ever that in a few years, I’ll be able to drive a couple of hours to have morning coffee here as close as I can get. Smiling that TFG is now inside.

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@TonyStark Kidding aside, that's what really concerning. Such documents in an insecure location for months, ripe for the taking... And they probably wanted to make money from it too.

If 6-8 years ago, Hollywood writers had come out with a script for a movie with these events, they would have been fired for blatant implausibility... And yet here we are. It's insane.

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@TonyStark For everyone who said it didn’t matter who you voted for, that both parties were the same, that Hillary was corrupt, that she wasn’t going to be a good president, what am I forgetting from 2016?

"A list of documents removed from former President Donald J. Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, includes materials marked as top secret and meant to be viewed only in secure government facilities, according to a copy of the warrant reviewed by The New York Times.

Federal agents who executed the warrant did so to investigate potential crimes associated with violations of the Espionage Act, which outlaws the unauthorized retention of national security information that could harm the United States or aid a foreign adversary; a federal law that makes it a crime to destroy or conceal a document to obstruct a government investigation; and another statute associated with unlawful removal of government materials."

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Great googly moogly.

Nothing we thought he did while in and after leaving the White House is crazy conspiracy talk. It's worse.

Live Updates: Documents Taken From Trump’s Home Included Classified Material-
Items removed from Mar-a-Lago included files marked as top secret and meant to be viewed only in secure government facilities, according to a copy of the warrant.

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I always feel for the 46 percent or so of Texans who do not want to be ruled by Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton. We know Texas is not that red of a state. Beto O'Rourke lost his Senate race by less than 3 points. It's not Wyoming or Idaho.

What's worse, though, is when Texas judges impose decisions on the rest of us. My state voted for Biden, yet because Texas follows "procedural rules that effectively allow litigants to select which judge will hear their lawsuits," Paxton gets to throw a wrench in the Biden agenda by filing lawsuits in the court of his choice. Paxton has filed zero lawsuits in Austin, where his office is actually located, because there he'd have a 50/50 chance of getting an Obama appointee. By filing hours away, he's guaranteed a Republican judge who will rule in his favor. Sometimes it will get overturned by SCOTUS, but he'll get a year of a stay on a Biden policy or a law enacted by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by President Obama.

Isn't it ironic how those who shout the loudest have the most to hide?

GOP should have taken the opportunity to be rid of Trump after the second impeachment.

New York judge rules criminal case against the Trump Organization and former CFO Allen Weisselberg can proceed-

That would explain why Jay Bratt, chief of counterintelligence/export control section at the Justice Department, was there. They supervise investigations/prosecutions of cases affecting national security, foreign relations, the export of military and strategic commodities and technology.

Where is the Republican outrage? Where are the calls for national security investigations? I thought tampering with or stealing national security secrets by someone in power was one of the worst crimes imaginable for them. (It should be, by the way.)

Saudi golf tournaments, nuclear weapons documents, FBI searches…busy place that Mar-a-Lago.

FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say:

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The Cincinnati guy who attacked the FBI, was a J6 insurrectionist, believed the big lie, was a Trump fan and talked to MTG.

The Trump/GOP is at least terrorist grooming.

If not a full-on domestic terror group. via @YouTube

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@GlennGriffin8 @TonyStark
Today, like every day, I'm thankful to not give a shit about Boebert's opinion on, well, anything.

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@TonyStark Include some Colorado GOP on the instigator list. How much more blatant signal, among the many on Boebert’s TL, can you send? Tragic end and an American life wasted supporting an organized criminal.

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Republican talking heads& politicians are pouring gasoline on the fire and investing in marshmallows.
I'm more concerned than ever about this weekend when the Big Lie Tour comes to town.

The cognitive dissonance needed to keep supporting Trump in the face of undeniable evidence of his crimes will cause his people to lose their shit in a myriad of fucked up ways and we can expect the next few months to be an epic shitshow of Trumpist temper tantrums.

Doesn't help that the right and their shitty platforms won't moderate against it and that Trump and even Senators like Marco Rubio are out there winding it up.

Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence in days after Mar-a-Lago search-

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