Welcome to, a new instance on Mastodon for progressives and allies.

Our previous instance was, which we created as an alternative to Twitter for The Resistance earlier this year. We joined Mastodon in February, 2019 on another instance.

Most of us have known each other for 4 years. We also have met many new friends along the way whom we value highly.

If you have questions or need help, please tag me or one of our moderators. You can also see for more information.

It's time to move on to having fun, helping people be active in their communities, and helping others vote.

- Tony, instance administrator

Thanks for creating this space for us, Tony! Feels like home!💜​:avengers3:

@TonyStark You deserve some :shawarma: after all that work. It’s great over here!

@TonyStark Mr. Stark you have taken more jumps than the Zephyr Two and I’ll try to catch up! This sounds like a great way to continue your mission. Good luck with the new instance as you and all the crew remain...


I forgot my bio so I have to write a new one. 😂​ Thank you for making us a new home, Tony! 🥂​


Mine is pretty blank, too!

Glad you're here! No rush!


Thank you! 💕​ It's nice to worry about a silly bio and not about the apocalypse, so I'll take that as we inch closer to January 20. 😂​

@TonyStark Thanks for continuing to give us a nice space, Mr. Tony Stark! :blobcatheart:

@TonyStark I had to manage everything at the tower, again, but here I am.

@TonyStark Is talking about real (non-parliamentary) democracy allowed on your instance? Is anti-capitalism ok? Or will saying that your oh-so-valued capitalism isn't the best of all possible ways of living in a society get me banned again? @Sdfendor

Being rude will get you blocked so you're not off to a winning start.

Who says I love capitalism? You?

If you want to have a decent conversation, have one and start off like a normal human being. If not, fuck off.

P.S. I have no idea who you are so the "again" doesn't mean anything to me.


A Dead song for every occasion!

"Rat in a drain ditch..."
"...and nothing's gonna bring him back!"

@TonyStark 'sup Tony Stark, just saying hello from our new server for music lovers at - be well!

I have crossed over from the other realm. I'm ready to do my part.

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