There are only two ways to see this.

One, Cruz really thought he had the power to override the Constitution.

Or two, Cruz knew there was no election fraud and Biden was going to become the next President and he went along for the ride for political ambition and to show loyalty to Trump and Trump supporters, betting on a future career with them over loyalty to the country.

Either way, should be removed or resign and Republican Senators should be calling for it.

Never Forget What Ted Cruz Did:

Here's a simple gif Ted can use to leave America and the entire world better off.

@SpiderMan @TonyStark

As a former Texan, I fully support this.

I dislike Cruz and Cornyn but when I'd send messages to both (admittedly, complaints) Cornyn's office would at least bother to respond. Wouldn't get a peep from Cruz's office.


Two ways to see it
but only one way I'll feel about IT

That, that, reprehensible thing of a man!
🤢 🤮

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