There's a list of Fox News advertisers in this article and putting pressure on them has been very effective in getting them to drop Fox.

Fox’s revenues don't solely come from advertisers. They also come from fees paid by cable company subscribers (in other words, you & me), even if those subscribers *never* watch Fox.

Cable subscribers who want to deprive Fox of the money it uses to poison our discourse & democracy can check out
to learn how. It’s going to take pressure on cable companies and advertisers.

Perspective | Fox News is a hazard to our democracy. It’s time to take the fight to the Murdochs. Here’s how.

Lying to the public under the guise of "news" is propaganda.

Thanks for the info, Tony. Let's all do what we can to from damaging our country.


Fox is not a news program, but rather a propaganda network reinforcing maga lies. The only way to stop this is to boycott the products they sell on their programs, make the manufacturers understand the damage that is being done, and yes, get them off our televisions altogether.

@MJ Is it a boycott if I didn't want a MyPillow and I'd never go to Sandals anyway?

But seriously, it's hard to avoid all of these. You're probably using at least one of Amazon, Kraft/Heinz, Verizon, and oh, look, Pfizer. Tell them to @TonyStark

@MariaHill @TonyStark Haha, probably not.

There’s a lot of big companies on the list, though.

@TonyStark This is one way to use your voice to help. Public pressure is so important.

@TonyStark This is a really good argument for cutting the cord and using an antenna + streaming services that you can use and pause as needed. You can often save money that way too, as long as you aren't subscribed to all of the services all of the time.

I will do my best to always be supportive of causes, sign petitions.


The truth matters. Accurate and fact base news empowers all Americans. Fox doesn't offer that ...

@TonyStark It should be really easy to even put a few out of business like the pillow guy.

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