We all owe a big debt of gratitude to Ms. Abrams and her colleagues at Fair Fight. If not for them, Mitch McConnell would still control the Senate and he would be able to obstruct Joe Biden’s effort to stamp out the pandemic and every other effort we need to restore this country and move it forward.

Stacey Abrams not only deserves space in this paper, but in all media. What she says about restoring democracy is completely reasonable and vital in importance. Denying it is not rational or objective.

We need to replicate it in the 49 other states as much as can be done.

Opinion | Stacey Abrams: Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Here’s how to revive it:


Thank you, Stacey Abrams. I had the honor of serving as a volunteer for FairFight and helping to get out the vote in Georgia. She knows.

Republicans will be desperate to reverse her progress and like you said yesterday, Tony, efforts to suppress the vote are already underway. We need grassroots efforts everywhere and to support and .

She is right on. We did almost lose our democracy, no exaggeration, and it is far from safe.

The fight for the next elections is already here. :avengers:

We owe her and Georgia voters and volunteers so much.

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