Reminder for Louisiana voters:

If you live in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional district or Louisiana's 5th Congressional district you have a Special Election coming on March 20, 2021 for a U.S. House Representative. There is a vacant seat in each of these districts.

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is February 27, online only. Register and make a plan to vote. Who represents you is important. Online Voter Registration:

If one candidate breaks 50 percent, they win the seat according to Louisiana's rules. If not, the top two advance to an April 24 runoff. :registertovote: :vote: :la:

@TonyStark This is a good time to remind everyone that there will be elections in 2021 and having high turnout is really important.

Obviously, who's in office on any level matters. Make sure you stay up to date and vote.
:la: :registertovote:

@Pepper @TonyStark Just like laundry, democracy is never done. Voting is a lot more enjoyable, though.

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