I would love to ask Rob Portman what he has done to be bipartisan in the last 4 years during the Trump presidency.  Is hypocrite the word I'm searching for?

Partisanship was the name of the Trump game. Sorry GOP, the people will not fall for your BS again. Was the tax cut legislation bipartisan? Were the piles of ignored bills on McConnell's desk a result of bipartisanship? Was the Capitol attack by Trump thugs bipartisan? 

Or the confirmation of any of their Supreme Court of which came from an intentional stonewalling of Merrick Garland?

Opinion | Biden promised bipartisanship. That rhetoric hasn’t been matched by action:

Democratic legislators try and therefore once in a while achieve something of enduring and eventually popular benefit. 

What have Republicans done for us lately? We'll get to bipartisanship when they get on board with helping people. Until then, suffer it out, Mr. Portman, while Democrats fix your mess.

@TonyStark Occasionally, I am disappointed that the Washington Post runs these pieces, but on the other hand, I do not mind the world being shown how ridiculous Rob Portman and his ilk are.

There is massive bipartisan support for the Biden COVID relief bill as attested to by up to 80% public support for it, depending on how the questions are phrased, and this figure includes a substantial majority of Republican voters.

Rob Portman has become a pathetic excuse of a human being. I trust that Biden and Congressional Democrats will ignore his whining and gaslighting. What the fuck, indeed.


Get your own act in gear, Portman, and do something, anything that's bipartisan.  Anything. We're waiting.

@TonyStark And anyone who runs as an R in Ohio would be just like him.

I hope Ohio and the rest of the country is ready to help replace Portman with a Democrat in 2022.


In a new 30-second ad by Tax March, a group calling for taxes on the rich in a fight for a fairer economy, stated ...

"For Ohioans who have lost a job, Portman gets stingy.
With Portman, those with billions hit the jackpot, but those who need relief get jack squat.”

Don't wait to retire ... RESIGN

TV ads pressure Sen. Portman to support President Biden's American Rescue Plan.

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