We really are at the decision point. 

Are we going to be a democratic republic? Or are we going to be a failed dictatorship dominated by terrorists?

The new Republican establishment is working openly in favor of the second choice. So everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to be registered and to vote in every single election presented to them.

Learn the issues, get involved. Make sure you vote for local officials, county officials, state officials, and national officials. And fight every ordinance or piece of legislation that would inhibit voting. Overwhelm the Republican bigots with voices and votes.

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Sustain Arizona Voting Limits:

Republicans long ago found they can't attract voters on policies, so they switched to wedge issues like. They attract voters with fear, hate, and spiral ling lies.

Because they have no ideas that appeal to the voters other than hate and bigotry.

The rest of us have to work hard. Harder.

@TonyStark Thank you, Tony. We need to stay motivated and involved more than ever.

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