There was no widespread election fraud. There never has been. The election was free and fair. Any lawsuits to the contrary were summarily thrown out of court over 60 times, even by Trump appointees.

The debate is between those who have the facts on their side and those who dwell in fantasyland.

We must pass a new Voting Rights Act and pass H.R.1/S.1. The only reason Republicans are against it is that they know fair elections will throw them out of power.

The voting wars come to Capitol Hill: Democrats eye national elections overhaul amid GOP crackdown-

The voting system in CO and other states where every registered voters gets a ballot in the mail with plenty of time to return it is the best way to vote. It's well understood.

It should be in every state and we definitely need to pass federal voting legislation.

@RJA @TonyStark The ColoGOP can’t complain because even their worst like Lauren Boebert and (my personal nemesis) CO-04 Ken Buck were elected with this system.
☕️ 🙂

@TonyStark oh no you're anti-white. Antifa did it. Do your research. Trump was sent by Jesus to save us. Biden is a lizard eating babies in WH. Jews have space lazers and are burning forests.

@TonyStark Yesterday in SCOTUS arguments, the Republican lawyers said "If all votes are allowed and counted, it puts us at a competitive disadvantage ". Basically admitting their whole playbook. And when their playbook ( voter suppression in predominantly Democratic cities and states) failed in 2020, they are losing their minds and doubling down on the voter suppression strategy. They are evil.


The only way Republicans can win an election is through unethical tactics, with voter suppression being just one tool in the arsenal, along with gerrymandering, court stacking, conservative media disinformation and, in presidential elections, clinging to the electoral college.

@TonyStark we need to vote them all out as they come up for re-election. If we all put the same effort and energy into each race as was put into beating Trump, it can be done. And it must be done. 99% of Republicans belong no where near a government job. They are a danger to our democracy.

@TheBatman As Brian Williams said last night, "they said the quiet part out loud." Are Republicans bold enough to admit to it, or is no one smart enough to pretend that's not what they're doing willing to represent them. Unfortunately, my guess is the former with a 6-3 majority. It was Justice Barrett who asked the question that elicited the answer. I hope she'll surprise us and not be into voter suppression. @TonyStark

@MariaHill @TonyStark i think they are emboldened unfortunately. They have faced no consequences for their abhorrent behavior so it will continue to get worse and more blatant.

Their own people passed on the chance and those same people will be the ones who lose their jobs.

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