The right to vote is a fundamental requirement in a true democracy. This is an issue every American should be united on. 

Please start calling your Senators today. Tell them we must protect voting rights, address corruption, and reform campaign finance. These should be bipartisan priorities to make democracy work for all Americans regardless of their political affiliation. There's your script.

Call both Senators. 202-224-3121 or to contact them by local office numbers or email. Or use to iMessage or text them from your connected device.

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House Democrats pass sweeping elections bill as GOP legislatures push to restrict voting:

If we don't protect our voting rights, no other priorities we're working on will matter.

I have 2 Republicans, but I will call until it comes to a vote. This should absolutely be a bipartisan issue!

@TonyStark Not one House Republican could support voting rights. That's really saying something. I hope the Senate can produce one R Senator who cares about it.

@TonyStark A party that opposes voting rights should be ground politically into the dust. Pass

@TonyStark Thank you for encouraging these actions daily, Tony. Democracy isn’t something you show up for once a year. We have to show up every day.

@TonyStark We might need Manchin and Sinema on board with reforming the filibuster to get this one through. If you're in West Virginia or Arizona, it's especially important to tell them that you want this passed, whatever it takes.

We might. Perhaps a few or 10 Republicans will actually follow through on being bipartisan and vote for some legislation their own voters support but if not, things like voting rights are the things you'd nuke the filibuster for.

Manchin and Sinema should want every American to vote and for that right to be protected. All 100 Senators should.

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