Almost every day, I think to myself that there is nothing more that Republicans could do to make me despise them more than I already do. But every day, I am proven wrong.

The fact that all but one Republican voted against this bill (and the one who did says he did it accidentally) is just incomprehensible to me.

Less than 2 months into Biden's term and the Republicans are (again) talking about blocking everything despite the fact that large majorities support these initiatives. They do not deserve to be in office.

House passes expansive policing overhaul bill named in honor of George Floyd:

@TonyStark This is a major promise and a good start kept by Democrats. It’s shameful that Republicans don’t support needed police reform but considering who they are now, the white supremacy party, it’s not surprising.

@MJ They think if they block everything, in 2022 they can talk about how Democrats didn't keep their promises so we need the GQP back. We will need to defeat both their talking points and their candidates in huge numbers next year. @TonyStark

GOP is already talking about this bill being "defund the police." None of it is true. They dishonor George Floyd every time they lie but they do not care.

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