Friends, our democracy is in danger.

Here's why the Senate needs to pass S.1:
Republicans have already introduced 250 bills to restrict voting and suppress voting all over the country. Republicans are working at federal and state levels to encourage voter suppression of anyone who might vote against them:

But remember, we made it through four years of the worst it could possibly be. We got through it and we are stronger, more united, and better organized as a result.

We will fight whatever they throw at us. Let's take five minutes to use our voices on this issue. Remember, they and your vote are your superpowers.

Call your two Senators. 202-224-3121 or to contact them by local office numbers or email. Or use to iMessage or text them. And help spread the word to others.

📱 ☎️ 💻 :CTA:

@TonyStark voters: this will hit us hard and it won't just hit Democrats and Independents.

Every voter should unite for voting rights. Please call or write. Maybe we can get Rob Portman to do something decent on his way out. Nothing happens if you don't try.

@TonyStark Thanks for writing these, Tony. Shared and done.

@TonyStark By the gods. Good thing I am scheduling out my day, I can make sure this is done.
Senator Cleave Simpson's people better be ready to hear my voice again.

That's great, Lily. State level stuff counts.

This is a federal bill, so you'll want to call your U.S. Senators as well. You can connect to them through any way listed in the toot.

@TonyStark yea I dialed your number there at lunch. I realized I was not paying attention much

It happens! We all have a lot going on. Thanks for responding.

And for calling!

@TonyStark Yeah you would not expect it but being a therapist is a never-ending job where you put in double you need to!

This is a big one, people. We have to make sure it passes. We can do it.

This isn't one we're going to want to fix after the fact.

Pre-venging often beats a-venging as we've all learned.

@TonyStark ☕️🙂 I contacted CO Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper to support S.1. Now to pour another coffee and watch the far mountains appear after the storm.

@TonyStark Call both of your Senators and tell them

You have a script. Make 2 calls.

@TonyStark Please help me, I am a political refugee in Thailand, I am being persecuted by the Chinese government for supporting the protests in Hong Kong, and the asylum access in California has my personal information.

I need help!

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