Today was a beautiful day to get vaccinated. So I did.

I vaccinated for myself, my loved ones, my family, and my friends. Science saves lives. Vaccines save lives.

Get vaccinated when you can, then help others get theirs.

@TonyStark :blobcatheart:
I'm done and I had no probs. Just a little sore arm that Tylenol fixed.

@TonyStark Good job! By the way, what cinematic Marvel timeline did I just stumble upon?

@TonyStark I would like to. But I am not old enough, ill enough, a health care professional, or a teacher. I have to wait. I can't even buy the shot.

I'm sorry. I hope that wherever you live, that it's more available soon. It's hit and miss near me, which is frustrating.

It's not that hard near me, but because too many brainwashed people don't want it. So not for a good reason.

Every one is one less opportunity for spread. Good deal.

@TonyStark Congrats tony. welcome to the vaccinated club. IT feels good to get it done doesn't it?

Congratz, Tony. Mum& I just got our first ones today. Feels good to

@TonyStark ah well done sir. I debunk antivaxxers for a "living" so I get that vaccination is so important :)

@ladydeathadder @TonyStark

vaccinations maybe important for children, small pox and so on, but the corona vax is a mystery shot!

Don't get!

@Secftblgirl n its not a mystery shot. Its been tested many times clinical trials... etc

why risk a bout of darwinism cos you are scared of a. needle? seriously get a grip the vaccine has been tested and works... anything else is just antivaxxer bs

@Secftblgirl and if you think otherwise.. I don't know what to say you, maybe your antivax. am I wrong?

@Secftblgirl hm ok.... so i take it your scared of needle not blantaly spreading nonsense ....

@Secftblgirl @ladydeathadder @TonyStark Hmm... The virus will mutate if not everyone gets the shot, and THEN we'll have to start from scratch. Also this shot is virus dna, not even a virus, that your body remembers.

@foreverxml shall give you a gold star for correctness and a chocolate bar cos im being generous and im on a diet XD
the vaccine has the covid dna so that it screams to the immuine system "oi immune system have at it" it's designed to prime the immune system to attack the actual virus. which means you dont feel like death warmed up 🙂

@Secftblgirl also i'm a lost cause then cos i got the pfizer vaccine yet. do you see me dead ?

nope cos it isn't gonna kill me

What it will do though is prevent me from having serious illness and death from covid-19....

i rather live than be caught up in some grift some delusional moron started ;-)

@TonyStark like wise Tony. I got booted off twitter for speaking my mind way too much i'm the queen of sarcasm with a smile which involves potty mouth.

They didnt like it so the pinged me for "hateful conduct" without any recourse to get my account back

their moderation is so opaque I still dont know how I got my account suspended if someone reported me or I did it myself though no fault of my own (except my potty mouth)

A similar thing happened to me last year, so I definitely get it.

It's less busy here, but I prefer it quite a bit.

@TonyStark I prefer it here for the lack of hypocrisy it has compared with twitter. I still keep twitter as I have a lot of friends on there who I still talk too...

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