This is great news out of Wisconsin.

This would have flagged 69,000 voters who didn't even cast a vote in 2020. You know why the Republicans are doing this.

They know their current ideals will not score any new voters so they try to eliminate the possibility of voting altogether.

Wisconsin Supreme Court says don't purge voters from rolls:

@TonyStark and if they're ever successful in limiting the minority vote, women's right to vote will be targeted next.

@Cindyjosaitis @TonyStark I was shocked when I learned women in SC weren't granted the right to vote until 1965. You bet they'd take our voting rights away in a heartbeat. Women are nothing but brood mares to Republicans.

@LiliVonShtupp @TonyStark
If they had there way we'd end up like the Handmaids Tale. Just around for procreation & keep our mouth shut.

@LiliVonShtupp States often don't get around to changing their laws when they are overridden by SCOTUS decisions or federal laws. As long as the federal decision is in effect, it doesn't matter. It's problematic if SCOTUS changes its mind or overturns a federal law and sends the decisions back to the states, such as doing away with the voting rights protections. @Cindyjosaitis @TonyStark

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